lundi 20 juin 2016

Le corps humain dans les textes et images asiatiques

The Human Body in Asian Texts and Images

Curare 39 (2016) 1
(Zeitschrift für Medizinethnologie / Journal of Medical Anthropology)

Guest Editor: Katharina Sabernig

Klaus-Dieter Mathes: Preface

Katharina Sabernig: Editorial

Natalia Bolsokhoeva: Tibetan Medical Illustrations from Atsagat Medical College and Other Anatomical Achievements of the Buryat Lama and Physician D. Endonov 

Katharina Sabernig: Anatomical Structures and the Structure of Anatomy in Tibetan Medicine. The Fourth Chapter of the Explanatory Tantra in its Commentaries

Florian Ploberger: Anatomical Terms of the 27 Chapters of the Subsequent Tantra (Phyi mavi rgyud) 

Isabella Würthner: A Preliminary Study on the Function, Anatomy and Origin of the Term bsam-sevu in Tibetan Medical Literature 

Rudolf Pfister: On the Meditative Use of the Body Maps Found in the Composite Text "Songs of the Bodily Husk" (Ti ke ge) 

Wung Seok Cha & Hyuk Sang Jung [with assistance of Dong Ryul Kim, You Sang Baik & Tae Woo Kim]: Body Perceptions in East Asian Culture

Bibliographical Survey
Michael Balk: A Bibliographical Survey of Medical Literature in Tibetan language Based on the Post-war Holdings of the State Library in Berlin: A Strand of Pearls to Enlighten Researchers

Stephan Kloos: Tibetan Medicine Committee Inaugural Conference. World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Xining, Qinghai (China), August 7–9, 2015

Book Reviews

Theresia Hofer (Ed) 2014. Bodies in Balance. The Art of Tibetan Medicine. New York [Vincanne Adams]

Janet Gyatso. 2015. Being Human in a Buddhist World. New York. [Theresia Hofer]

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