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Histoire de la psychologie clinique en Grande Bretagne

Clinical Psychology in Britain: Historical Perspectives 

John Hall, David Pilgrim, Graham Turpin (editors)

Published: 01/12/2015
ISBN: 9781854337313
Format: Paperback

Clinical Psychology in Britain: Historical Perspectives is the first comprehensive and informed account of the development of clinical psychology – the largest field of applied psychology in Britain. It identifies key transitions and changes in the work and thinking of clinical psychologists; explores the relationships between disciplinary and professional concerns within their policy, political and economic context; and situates British clinical psychology in relation to wider fields of research and practice in applied psychology in health care. 

The book covers the development of theories, and the contribution of different people, places and organisations. It explores how training courses have expanded and developed to enable clinical psychologists to move from a primarily assessment role to become psychological therapists across a range of modalities, addressing an expanding range of clinical problems. 

Most of the authors are clinical psychologists, many of whom have been significant contributors to the development of the discipline, and others are historians or academic psychologists. The editors are all eminent clinical psychologists with wide clinical, academic and professional experience. 

As a record of the development of the profession and as an aid to understanding current issues through the experience of the past, this short history will be highly relevant to psychologists working in health care, from trainees through to experienced clinicians, as well as to other healthcare professionals. As a scholarly history it will appeal not only to historians but also to anyone with a general interest in social and political developments in mental health provision. 

Clinical Psychology in Britain: Historical Perspectives is the second in an occasional series published by the British Psychological Society’s History of Psychology Centre. It has been edited by: John Hall, Visiting Professor of Mental Health at Oxford Brookes University; David Pilgrim, Honorary Professor of Health and Social Policy at the University of Liverpool; and Graham Turpin, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology at Sheffield University.

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