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Dernier numéro du Bulletin of the History of Medicine

Bulletin of the History of Medicine

Volume 89, Number 2, Summer 2015


Introduction: Beyond Illustrations: p. 165-170
Carin Berkowitz

The Illustrious Anatomist: Authorship, Patronage, and Illustrative Style in Anatomy Folios, 1700–1840 p. 171-208
Carin Berkowitz

The Rise of Pathological Illustrations: Baillie, Bleuland, and Their Collections p. 209-242
Domenico Bertoloni Meli

Two Australian Fetuses: Frederic Wood Jones and the Work of an Anatomical Specimen p. 243-266
Lisa O’Sullivan, Ross L. Jones


Women Doctors and Lady Nurses: Class, Education, and the Professional Victorian Woman p. 267-292
Vanessa Heggie

Debating Diseases in Nineteenth-Century Colombia: Causes, Interests, and the Pasteurian Therapeutics p. 293-321
Mónica García

News and Events

Call for Papers, 2016 Annual Meeting p. 322-323

Digital Media and Humanities

What’s in a Game?: A Survey of Digital Game Opportunities for Medical Historians p. 324-329
Lisa Rosner

Website Review: Early Modern Medicine p. 329-330
Michelle DiMeo

Museum Review: Berlin Museum of Medical History p. 331-332
James M. Edmonson

Book Reviews

Memory: Encounters with the Strange and the Familiar by John Scanlan (review) p. 333-334
Jesse F. Ballenger

Life Writing and Schizophrenia: Encounters at the Edge of Meaning by Mary Elene Wood (review) p. 334-336
Gail A. Hornstein

Pornographic Archaeology: Medicine, Medievalism, and the Invention of the French Nation by Zrinka Stahuljak (review) p. 336-337
Christopher E. Forth

The Metamorphoses of Fat: A History of Obesity by Georges Vigarello (review) p. 338-339
Deborah Levine

Walking Corpses: Leprosy in Byzantium and the Medieval West by Timothy S. Miller, John W. Nesbitt (review) p. 339-340
Luke Demaitre

Sir Thomas Browne: A Life by Reid Barbour (review) p. 341-342
Natalie Kaoukji

Nicolaus Steno: Biography and Original Papers of a 17th Century Scientist ed. by Troels Kardel, Paul Maquet (review) p. 342-343
Marco Bresadola

Rhetoric and Medicine in Early Modern Europe ed. by Stephen Pender, Nancy S. Struever (review) p. 344-346
Angus Gowland

From the Womb to the Body Politic: Raising the Nation in Enlightenment Russia by Anna Kuxhausen (review) p. 346-348
Michelle Lamarche Marrese

Medicine and the Workhouse ed. by Jonathan Reinarz, Leonard Schwarz (review) p. 348-350
Graham Mooney

Should a Doctor Tell? The Evolution of Medical Confidentiality in Britain by Angus H. Ferguson (review) p. 350-351
Andreas-Holger Maehle

Doctoring Freedom: The Politics of African American Medical Care in Slavery and Emancipation by Gretchen Long (review) p. 352-353
Adam Biggs

Diagnosing Empire: Women, Medical Knowledge, and Colonial Mobility by Narin Hassan (review) p. 353-355
Maneesha Lal

Modern Colonization by Medical Intervention: U.S. Medicine in Puerto Rico by Nicole Trujillo-Pagán (review) p. 356-357
Mariola Espinosa

Chronic Disease in the Twentieth Century: A History by George Weisz (review) p. 357-358
Daniel M. Fox

Jungle Fever: Exploring Madness and Medicine in Twentieth-Century Tropical Narratives by Charlotte Rogers (review) p. 358-360
Hans Pols

The Spanish Flu: Narrative and Cultural Identity in Spain, 1918 by Ryan A. Davis (review) p. 360-361
Liane Maria Bertucci

Imaging and Imagining the Fetus: The Development of Obstetric Ultrasound by Malcolm Nicolson, John E. E. Fleming (review) p. 361-362
Lisa M. Mitchell

What’s Wrong with the Poor? Psychiatry, Race, and the War on Poverty by Mical Raz (review) p. 363-364
Dennis A. Doyle

Bodies in Formation: An Ethnography of Anatomy and Surgery Education by Rachel Prentice (review) p. 364-365
Delia Gavrus

Scrambling for Africa: AIDS, Expertise, and the Rise of American Global Health Science by Johanna Tayloe Crane (review) p. 366-367
Mari K. Webel

Birth in the Age of AIDS: Women, Reproduction, and HIV/AIDS in India by Cecilia van Hollen (review) p. 368-369
Manjari Mahajan

Clinical Labor: Tissue Donors and Research Subjects in the Global Bioeconomy by Melinda Cooper, Catherine Waldby (review)p . 370-371
Rayna Rapp

Book Notes p. 372-373

Books Received p. 374-377

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