dimanche 26 avril 2015

Les maladies et les phobies victoriennes

The Diseases, Health Risks and Phobias of Modern and Fashionable Living: Victorian Perspectives

Friday, 8 May 2015, 4.00 - 6.30pm
Room 3.38 Armstrong Building, Newcastle University

Professor Sally Shuttleworth (University of Oxford), 'Fears and Phobias in Victorian Culture'

Dr Melissa Dickson (University of Oxford)'Weak Nerves and Fashionable Women in Victorian Literature and Culture'

Dr Jennifer Wallis (University of Oxford) ' "Overheated apartments, balls, tea-parties, and feather beds:" The Risks of Nineteenth-century Fashionable Society'

Sally Shuttleworth, is Professor in the Faculty of English Language and Literature, St Anne's College, University of Oxford, and PI of the ERC funded 'Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth-Century Perspectives', a five-year interdisciplinary research project based at St Anne's.

Dr Melissa Dickson is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the 'Diseases of Modern Life' project, and focuses upon those diseases and pathologies derived from the Victorian soundscape and new understandings of the auditory experience, as well as on diseases of overpressure relating to education, nervous disorders and phobias.

Dr Jennifer Wallis is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the 'Diseases of Modern Life' project, and focuses on climate and health, and addiction in the nineteenth century. She is especially interested in how air was used in nineteenth-century medical technologies - from compressed-air baths to respirators - and how such technologies could alter the individual's relationship with their external environment.

This workshop is organised by the 'Fashionable Diseases: Medicine, Literature and Culture, ca. 1660-1832' project team, a collaboration between colleagues in History of Medicine at Newcastle University and English Literature at Northumbria University.

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