dimanche 12 octobre 2014

Histoire des sciences du comportement

Revista Argentina de Ciencias del Comportamiento (Argentinean Journal of Behavioral Sciences)

Call for Papers Special Issue: History of the Behavioral Sciences"

Guest Editors
Fernando José Ferrari (ferrarijfernando@gmail.com) Fernando Andrés Polanco (fernandopolanco@gmail.com) Rodrigo Lopes Miranda (dingoh@gmail.com) Miguel Gallegos (maypsi@yahoo.com.ar)

The Argentinean Journal of Behavioral Sciences (RACC) is a quarterly electronic peer-reviewed journal devoted to publish a broad spectrum of research and practice in the sciences focus on the study of behavior (e.g., psychology, pedagogy, biology, medicine, linguistics, neuroscience, among others). The Journal aims to promote the diffusion of national and international empirical research in these areas. RACC follows an open-access journal model - it’s free for authors and readers - and is indexed to various databases, such as: REDALYC, PSICODOC, LATINDEX DIALNET, DOAJ, e-Magazines, IMBIOMED and Google Scholar. Recently it has been added to the basic core of CONICET. 

RACC aims to publish papers related to the behavioral sciences, i.e., sciences comprised with a diversity of topics from different scientific disciplines such as psychology, pedagogy, biology, medicine, linguistics, neuroscience, ethology, among others. 

Recently there has been a growing interest and production on the history of the different behavioral sciences. These histories stress local characteristics of the production of such knowledge, observing the indigenization of behavioral sciences in different countries. They also stress mechanisms of circulation of knowledge in those different countries, promoting contacts from different cultures. This helps us understand how certain disciplines have become "local" and how countries dialogued with each other. Producing histories of the behavioral sciences help us understand better particles of the past which allows us a better savvy of the present. This helps us formulate future projects for these areas, scientific policies for them, etc. 

This special issue on the "History of the Behavioral Sciences" is open to unpublished manuscripts of researchers addressing all aspects of the behavioral sciences past and of its interrelationship with the many contexts within which it has emerged and has been practiced. Therefore, articles focusing the history of psychology, pedagogy, biology, medicine, linguistics, neuroscience will be analyzed and can be submitted. Contributions in English, Spanish and Portuguese are accepted. 

Deadline: December, 31, 2014 

Theme: History of the Behavioral Sciences 

Submission: Instructions for authors in Portuguese, English and Spanish are available at the http://revistas.unc.edu.ar/index.php/racc/information/authors. Submit manuscripts electronically through the http://revistas.unc.edu.ar/index.php/racc/index.

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