vendredi 11 juillet 2014

Trauma nursing

Journal of Trauma Nursing

Call for Manuscripts

Sometimes a good thing continues to get better. Our quarterly journal has served the needs of trauma nurses well but starting in 2014 it will be even better! Six issues per year. You will continue to receive your quarterly print edition plus two online only editions will be added.

There will however be a cost -- more people will be needed to share their stories, research, ideas and experience. More editions require more articles. Have an idea for an article? Email Kathryn Schroeter at

The Journal of Trauma Nursing is soliciting articles on the following topics:

• Rural Trauma

• Leadership and Management

• Trauma Systems

• Cultural Issues in Trauma Care & Practice

• Pediatrics

• International Trauma Care

• Innovative Practice

• Magnet – How are the forces implemented in the trauma department?

• Quality Improvement

• Disaster planning/preparedness/response

• Case studies

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