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Représenter la santé des femmes

Picturing Women's Health

Editors: Francesca Scott, Kate Scarth and Ji Won Chung 

Warwick Series in the Humanities: 4
c.224pp: 234x156mm: June 2014
HB 978 1 84893 424 5: £60/$99

Women’s lives changed considerably over the course of the long nineteenth century. As new roles and behaviours became available to them, the ways in which they were represented also increased. The essays in this collection examine women in diverse roles; mother, socialite, celebrity, medical practitioner and patient. The wide range of commentators allows a diverse picture of women’s health in this period. Findings are discussed within the historical, medical, sociological, literary and art historical contexts of the period to make a truly interdisciplinary study.

Introduction: Picturing Women’s Health – Francesca Scott, Kate Scarth and Ji Won Chung

1 Sensibility and Good Health in Charlotte Smith’s Ethelinde – Joseph Morrissey

2 Amazonian Fashions: Lady Delacour’s (Re)Dress in Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda – Andrew McInnes

3 Transforming the Body Politic: Food Reform and Feminism in Nineteenth-Century Britain – Sarah Richardson

Stagnation of Air and Mind: Picturing Trauma and Miasma in Charlotte Brontë’sVillette – Alexandra Lewis

5 The Iconography of Anorexia Nervosa in the Long Nineteenth Century – Susannah Wilson

6 Kate Marsden’s Leper Project: On Sledge and Horseback with an Outcast Missionary Nurse – Tabitha Sparks

7 Constructs of Female Insanity at the Fin de Siècle: The Lawn Hospital, Lincoln, 1882–1902 – Katherine Ford

8 The Fitness of the Female Medical Student, 1895–1910 – Claire Brock

9 Unstable Adolescence/Unstable Literature? Managing British Girls’ Health around 1900 – Hilary Marland

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