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Conférence annuelle de la SCHM

Conférence annuelle de la Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine

24-26 mai 2014

Brock University
500 Glenridge Avenue
St Catharines, ON L2S 3A1

Saturday 24 May/ Samedi 24 mai

Please Note: Room locations for sessions change each day

Opening Remarks Local Arrangements Chair Dan Malleck
Room: Thistle (TH) 245

Presidential Address James Moran, “Fishing Naked for Carp:” Lunacy Commission Law in England and the United States, 1320-1890"    
Room: TH 245

10:00-10:30            Refreshments/ Rafraîchissements
Outside TH 244

10:30 - 12:00 

Session 1:     Finding Difference
                        Room:  TH 244
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: Jackie Duffin, Queen’s University

“From Nuns to Natives: A Historical Examination of Chastity, Carcinoma, and Cervical Cancer Screening Campaigns in Canada, 1930-1980” Jennifer Fraser, University of Toronto*

 “Tea Crazes in the Colonial Maghreb: The Medicalization of a Drinking Habit” Nina Studer, University of Zürich

“Haitian Community Responses to HIV/AIDS in Montréal, 1983-1993” Natalie L. Gravelle, York University*

Session 2:      Contexts, Containment, and Contest: Water Therapies in Mental Institutions
                        Room: TH 147
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: James Moran, University of Prince Edward Island

                        “Six to Eighteen Hours: Adoption of Bains Prolongés in North American Asylums” Jennifer Bazar, Independent Scholar

“High-Tech Hydriatics and Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, 1913-1917: Intersections of Supply and Demand, Sedation, and Scientific Skepticism” Susan Lamb, McGill University

“Showers and Shocks: The Role of Hydrotherapy in Canada during the Era of the Somatic Treatments” Brianne M. Collins, University of Calgary

12:00-1:30 Lunch/Dîner (On your own/indépendant(e))
                        Graduate Student Lunch
                        Room: TH 147

Session 3:     Policy and Practice
                        Room: TH 244
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: Dan Malleck, Brock University

“Victim of its Own Success: The Health League of Canada and Chronic Disease” Sara Wilmshurst, University of Guelph*

“From Bombay to Glace Bay: The Immigration of South Asian Physicians to Canada, c. 1961-1976” David Wright, McGill University  and Sasha Mullally, University of New Brunswick

“The Thermometer of the Cold War: Medical Journals and Transnational Currents of Health Policy, 1940-1975” Casey Hurrell, Queen’s University*

Session 4:     Boundaries of Innovation
                        Room: TH 147
Moderator/ rapporteur: James Alsop, McMaster University

“Smallpox and Vaccination in the Civil War South: The New Science of Bacteriology and the Rise of Public Health Practice” Shauna Devine,
 Western University

“’Suitable for administration by midwives’: Analgesics and the medicalization of midwifery in England and Wales, 1930-1950”
Gwenith Siobhan Cross, Wilfrid Laurier University *

“Atomic Age Innovations in Medicine, Academia, and the Federal Government” Katherine Zwicker, University of Saskatchewan

3:00-3:30     Refreshments/ Rafraîchissements
                        Outside TH 244


Session 5:     Medieval Mouths and Modernizing Medicine
            Room: TH 244
Moderator/ rapporteur: Mat Savelli, University of Pittsburgh

“Dental Care in Some Medieval Texts” Carlinda Maria Fisher Mattos, Museu de Comunicação Hipólito José da Costa

“The Spectacle of the Dissected Body: Negotiating Borders and Disseminating Medical Knowledge in the Dutch Republic” Anuradha Gobin, University of East Anglia

“Mask and Ritual in Physician Culture and Identity: The Portrait of Medicine in Molière” Nicole Mak, McGill University*

Session 6:     Professional Borders
                        Room: TH 147
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: Sasha Mullally, University of New Brunswick

“Border Control: Physicians, pharmacists, and defining the profession in Canada, 1860s-1920s” Dan Malleck, Brock University

“Dissensions et ajustements au sein d’une communauté médicale hétéroclite: le dépassement de frontières, condition sine qua non de la construction de l’institution médicale rioplatense au 19ème siècle” Nancy Gonzalez-Salazar, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris

“A Missing Link: The Professional Status of British Medics in World War Two” Cara Pedersen, Brock University*

5:00-6:00     CSHM Annual General Meeting
                        Room: TH 244

Sunday 25 May/ Dimanche 25 mai

Note: Room locations for sessions change each day


Session 7:      The Good Birth
                        Room: TH 255
Moderator/ rapporteur: Karen Trollope-Kumar, McMaster University

“The Good Birth in the New South: Dr. Annie Alexander’s Obstetrical Practice, 1887-1929” James Alsop, McMaster University

“The Meaning and Utility of Pain in Childbirth: England, 1620-1740” Katherine A. Walker, St. Jerome’s University at the University of Waterloo

“A correspondence course in intelligent parturition: Canadian Letters to Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, 1946-1956” Whitney Wood, Wilfrid Laurier University*

Session 8:     Patients First?
                        Room: TH 256
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: Isabelle Perreault, Université d'Ottawa

“De la dangerosité au risque : Idiots, aliénés incurables ou déments séniles en congé d’essai, fin XIXe début XXe siècle” Marie-Claude Thifault, Université d'Ottawa

“Exploring Patient Encounter Narratives of Physicians, Nurses and Medical Receptionists after Two Decades of a Paradigm of Patient-Centered Care” Riaz Akseer, Brock University*

“La face cachée des gens «ordinaires». Profil de la clientèle du département de psychiatrie de l’Hôpital Montfort, 1976-2006”
Sandra Harrisson, Université d’Ottawa

10:30-11:00            Refreshments/ Rafraîchissements
                        Outside TH 255

11:00-12:30  Paterson Lecture: Waltraud Ernst “Mental Health and Illness in Princely India, c. 1860-1960”
Room TH 243

12:30-1:30 Lunch/Dîner (On your own/indépendant(e))

Session 9:     The Borders of Knowledge Transfer in Early Modern England
Room: TH 255
Moderator/ rapporteur: Geoff Hudson, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

“The Newgate Experiment of 1721: Medicine, Print, and the Criminal Body” Marisha Caswell, Algoma University

“Imagination at the Bedside: Conversatio and Counsel in Early Modern Medicine” Stephen Pender, University of Windsor

“Surgical Practitioners and the Formation and Dissemination of Medical Knowledge” Samantha Sandassie, Queen’s University*

Session 10:   Catching Cases
                        Room: TH 256
Moderator/ rapporteur: Tracy Penny Light, University of Waterloo

“Evidence for Influenza in Canada during the Spring and Summer of 1918” Kandace Bogaert, McMaster University

“Spare the Rod? The Correctional Profession’s Response to Child Psychiatry in the 1950s” Erin Lux, University of Strathclyde*

““Catching this case early may be the best means of creating a useful life for this child”:  The rehabilitation of children with polio-related disabilities in Manitoba in the post-war period” Leah Morton, University of Winnipeg

3:00-3:30     Refreshments/ Rafraîchissements
                        Outside TH 255

Session 11:   Psychiatry and Its Institutions
                        Room: TH 255
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: Susan Lamb, McGill University

“’Among the finest institutional buildings on the continent’: Optimism and Celebration at the Opening of the Weyburn Mental Hospital” Alex Deighton, University of Saskatchewan*

“Admissions to a Saskatchewan Asylum, 1921–1948, and the Not-So-Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” Alexander Dyck, University of Saskatchewan*

“Sexual Psychiatry and Cold War Paradigms” Frances Reilly, University of Saskatchewan*

“Mental Illness at the Geopolitical Crossroads: Yugoslavia and the Transmission of Psychiatric Knowledge” Mat Savelli, University of Pittsburgh

6:00-7:00     CSHM Book Launch and Champagne Reception/ Lancement de livres SCHM avec réception au champagne
                        Room: Sankey Chamber

7:00               CSHM Dinner/ Souper SCHM
                        Room: Pond Inlet

Monday 26 May / Lundi 26 mai
Note: Room locations for sessions change each day


Session 12:   Medical Malpractice, Vaccines, Contraception and Abortion: Boundaries in Canadian Social, Legal, and Medical History
                        Room:  (Academic South) AS 217
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: Peter Twohig, Saint Mary’s University

“The Politics of Choice: Aboriginal Women, Doctors, and Modern Birth Control in the 1970s” Erika Dyck, University of Saskatchewan

“Doctors versus Councillors: A Legal History of Smallpox Vaccination in Ontario, 1882–1920” Ubaka Ogbogu, University of Alberta

“Medical Malpractice in Canada: Doctors, Lawyers, and the Creation of the Canadian Medical Protective Association, 1890-1914” Blake Brown, Saint Mary’s University

Joint Session CHA - Financial support for this session was provided by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

10:30-11:00            Refreshments/ Rafraîchissements
                        Outside AS 217

Session 13:   Making Better Citizens
                        Room: AS 217
                        Moderator/ rapporteur: Marie-Claude Thifault, Université d'Ottawa

“Expertise ou amateurisme ? L’enseignement de la nutrition à l’École ménagère provinciale de Montréal (1906-1942)” Caroline Durand, Université Trent

“‘The Beauty of the Cure’: Visual Discourses as Boundaries in Medicine, 1900-2000” Tracy Penny Light, University of Waterloo

Bonheur, beauté, intelligence, énergie, efficacité... L'argumentaire en éducation alimentaire au Québec, 1930-1980 François Guérard, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC)

12 :30                       Segall Prize Announcement/ Remise du prix Segall
The H.N. Segall Prize recognizes the best student paper presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine

* indicates eligibility for Segall prize / indique l’admissibilité au prix Segall

La Société remercie l’organisme Associated Medical Services Inc. et la Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines pour leur généreux soutien financier.
The Society thanks Associated Medical Services Inc. and the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences for their generous financial support.

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