mardi 28 mai 2013

Innover en histoire de la médecine

"Innovating the History of Medicine." 

CFP: Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine 2013 @ Harvard and MIT

Deadline: June 15, 2013

Harvard History of Science and MIT-STS are pleased to announce the 11th annual meeting of the Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine, which will take place on October 25-26 in Cambridge, MA and is seeking abstracts. This is the only annual conference run by and for graduate students in the history of medicine and related fields.

The conference theme this year will be "Innovating the History of Medicine."

The field is vibrant, bringing rigorous historical analysis to urgent questions in health care and the health sciences. But as questions evolve, sources diversify, disciplinary boundaries waver and dissolve, and global sites become ever more accessible, it is an ideal moment to engage in collective imagining about the future of the history of medicine.

To that end, we are calling for abstracts from not only the traditional fields of history of medicine and public health, but from scholars working on problems in health and medicine in all allied fields. These may include history and anthropology of the natural sciences, medical anthropology, and science studies. They may also include less traditional contributions from other historical fields, from political and economic to physics. The problems may fall within the history of health and healing, medical ideas, practices, and institutions, illness, disease, and public health, from all eras and regions of the world.

Abstracts for twenty-minute presentations should be no more than 350 words -- please note that submissions longer than this will not be reviewed. When submitting, you will also be asked to indicate in one sentence which innovative aspect of your project you would like to highlight, whether it be object of inquiry, presentation method, research method, sources, interdisciplinarity, and so on.

All materials should be submitted via the conference website, here: A panel of graduate students from a number of institutions will review the abstracts. The deadline for abstract submissions is June 15, 2013.

The conference itself, hosted on the MIT and Harvard Campuses, will be constituted of presentations as well as presentation workshops, panel discussions with faculty, and time for socializing with peers and colleagues. An annual gathering of early career historians of medicine and public health, coordinated by graduate students, JASMed was founded in 2002 with a mission of fostering a collegial intellectual community and providing a forum for sharing and critiquing graduate research among peers. We welcome all participants and are eager to hear new voices in the history of medicine and allied fields. More information is available on the conference website. Registration for the conference is free.

Please contact us at with any questions!

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