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Prosopographie et histoire du soin

Prosopography and History of Healthcare

1 June 2013
Kingston University

There is a growing band of historians conducting prosopographical projects on topics relating to healthcare. The subjects of known projects span the centuries and the trades, from early modern to the 20^th century, and include nursing and medicine.  This workshop will bring together a group of historians who are actively using prosopography to study a diverse range of topics connected to history of healthcare, ranging from early modern medicine in England and Wales, nursing in Scotland, England and Denmark and Soviet psychiatry. The focus is on method rather than subject and the day is arranged to provide ample time for discussion. If you are already using prosopography as part of your historical research or are considering a prosopographical project and want to meet people with experience in the methodology, please come along and join in the discussions. There is no registration fee but places are limited so book early.

Conveners: Sue Hawkins (Centre for the Historical Record, Kingston University); Carmen Mangion (Dept. History, Birkbeck College London; Helen Sweet, Wellcome History of Medicine Unit, Oxford University).

9.30: Registration

10.00 Introduction and Housekeeping

Sue Hawkin (Chair)

Justin Colson (Exeter)
*The medical world of early modern England, Wales and Ireland, c1500-1715*

Stephen Kenny (Liverpool)
*A prosopography of healthcare in the slaveholding American South*

Barry Godfrey (Liverpool)
*A prosopography of the health of British convict prisoners, 1870-1914***


Carmen Mangion (Chair)

Susanne Malchau-Dietz (Danish Deaconess Foundation)
*Danish Deaconesses in nursing 1863-2013: a prosopographic study*

Sean Graffin (Ulster)
*Nurses working in the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow 1900-1920: a prosopographical approach*

12.50 LUNCH

Sue Hawkins (Chair)

Stuart Wildman (Birmingham)
*Nurses and superintendents: the nursing workforce in provincial nursing associations, 1862-1900*

Lisa Wynne Smith (Saskatchewan)
*Reconstructing the lives of Dr Sloane and his patients in 18^th century England*


Helen Sweet (Chair)

Alistair Haggerty (Aberdeen)
*The Scottish Medical Community in London, 1850-1950*

Julie Hipperson (Imperial College)
*Women in Veterinary Science c. 1922-1990*

Ana Paula Korndirfer and Flavio Madureira Heinz (Pontificia Universidade Catholica do Rio
Grande do Sul and Université de Paris-Ouest)
*Prosopographical Study of Brazilia Fellows of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation*

Pavel Vasilyev (St Petersburg Institute of History of Russian Academy for Sciences)**
*A prosopography of early Soviet psychiatry*




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