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Histoire de la santé publique

The Reluctant Internationalists
A History of Public Health and International Organisations, Movements and Experts in Twentieth Century Europe

Two Post-Doctoral Research Associates

The Department of History at Birkbeck College, University of London, invites applications for two Post-Doctoral Research Associates for up to 4 years, to work with Dr Jessica Reinisch on a new Wellcome-funded project on "A History of Public Health and International Organisations, Movements and Experts in Twentieth Century Europe"
The project looks at ideas and forms of internationalism, and the international ambitions of doctors, medical researchers, relief workers, public health teams, politicians, generals, diplomats and policy-makers in the twentieth century. It seeks to change the way we think about the history of internationalism and international organisations.
Throughout the century, overwhelming impulses for international action stemmed from public health crises and the need for collaboration on questions of medical relief beyond national boundaries. The physical destruction in the aftermaths of the two world wars, mass population movements, the rise in the numbers of stateless people and region-wide famines, for example, all prompted concerns about global epidemics and public health disasters, and resulted in specific, closely circumscribed, international mechanisms. The project explores the roles played by debates about public health and real or imagined health crises in the formation of international structures, mechanisms and organisations.
The two Post-Doctoral Research Associates will assume responsibility for two constituent research projects on crucial "international moments", regions or organisations in twentieth-century Europe. Their research is expected to lead to academic publications. Case studies could include, for example, the health work and impact of the League of Nations, or governmental, non-governmental, humanitarian or philanthropic organisations in medical relief; the public health challenges in the states in Eastern Europe at key points in the century and their international ramifications; or the medical work or public health operations of army medical corps.
In addition to researching their case studies, the Post-Doctoral Researchers will be involved in all aspects of the project, so as to gain valuable professional and intellectual experience with a view to furthering their academic career.
            - They will contribute to a collaboratively-written history of twentieth century health and internationalism
            - They will help to organise workshops, an international conference and other events, and will be involved in co-editing resulting publications.
            - They will write content for the project's website and be actively involved in the public engagement work of the project.
            - They will be expected to help with the administrative work involved in running the project, including managing the budget, hosting board meetings,
            hosting visiting fellows, editing outputs.
            - They will be encouraged to present their results in international conferences and workshops.
Applicants must have, or expect to obtain shortly, a PhD with a specialisation in modern history or related field.
- Prior experience of conducting archive research is essential, as is the ability to work in a team.
- Working knowledge of a relevant language other than English is highly desirable.
- A commitment to distributing academic knowledge widely and accessible is highly desirable, as is a demonstrable interest and track record in the themes and facets of the project.
The position is based in London but will require travel to the relevant archives. Research expenses for these trips are included in the post.
Please contact Dr Jessica Reinisch on for further information or with any informal enquiries. Please apply via, and submit a CV, covering letter explaining how the candidate's background and interests fit the position's requirement, and the contact details of three academic referees.
Applications are due on 10 June. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by 24 June, and interviews will be conducted in early July.
The position will start on 1 September 2013 or as soon as possible thereafter. Since the funding is strictly time-limited, a later start date would mean a corresponding reduction in the duration of the fellowship.

Contact: Dr Jessica Reinisch

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