dimanche 17 février 2013

Portraits médicaux

Medical Portraiture
 Call for Papers

 This one-day workshop, to be held at King’s College London on 12 June 2013, will offer an opportunity to explore diverse disciplinary perspectives on the relationship between portraiture and medicine in the widest sense. We invite 20-minute presentations on any topic related to medical portraiture across periods and national contexts, including, but not restricted to, issues such as

-          The category of medical portraiture;

-          Medical self-portraits;

-          Portraits of marginal practitioners such as medical technicians and modellers;

-          Portraiture, suffering and pain.

The workshop is organised by Keren Hammerschlag, Douglas James, Ludmilla Jordanova and Anna Maerker at King’s College London. Please send an abstract of no more than 400 words and a brief biographical note to keren.hammerschlag@kcl.ac.uk by 8 March 2013. We will notify applicants by the end of March.

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