mardi 27 novembre 2012

Peindre la médecine grecque

Printing Greek Medicine in the Renaissance

Early Science and Medicine
 17.4 (2012), pp. 371-466.

Alain Touwaide, “Introduction - Printing Greek Medicine in the Renaissance: Scholars, Collections, Opportunities, and Challenges,”
pp. 371-377.

Donald F. Jackson, “Greek Medicine in the Fifteenth Century,”
pp. 378-390.

Stefania Fortuna, “The Latin Editions of Galen's Opera omnia (1490–1625) and Their Prefaces,”
pp. 391-412.

Christina Savino, “Giovanni Battista Rasario and the 1562–1563 Edition of Galen: Research, Exchanges and Forgeries,”
pp. 413-455.

Lorenzo Perilli, “A Risky Enterprise: The Aldine Edition of Galen, the Failures of the Editors, and the Shadow of Erasmus of Rotterdam,”
pp. 446-466.

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