dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Trauma et transformation sociale

The Institute for Historical Studies at the University of Texas at Austin announces its 2013-14 theme,

Trauma and Social Transformation

Catastrophes-- whether war, genocide, mass rape, enforced disappearances, or environmental disasters --inevitably leave their mark on the social fabric.  Civic trauma is an unavoidable, and yet little-explored, element and consequence of such tragedies.

For the Institute's 2013-14 theme, we seek proposals that analyze trauma as a transformative historical experience for individuals, families, communities, and nations. Projects may include but are not limited to the suppression of trauma and processes of individual healing and collective transformation; the cumulative toll and intergenerational nature of trauma; trauma as a catalyst for geographic displacement, social reform, and political mobilization; varied cultural and historical understandings and representations of trauma; the fetishization and commercialization of trauma; and the methodological challenges of integrating trauma into historical analysis.

Drawing from the fields of human rights, psychoanalysis, memory studies, sociology, anthropology, the cognitive and neurosciences, and semiotics, applicants are encouraged to employ interdisciplinary approaches to the historical study of trauma. From the testimonial to the theoretical, the medieval to the modern, and from the secular to the religious, we invite papers from across periods, sites, and historiographical traditions that foreground trauma as a frame for historical analysis.

The IHS invites applications for resident fellows at all ranks.

Deadline: January 15, 2013.

 For more information about the institute's fellowship and application process, please visit:

For further information on IHS, including events programming and applications for residential fellowships for 2013-14, please visit the IHS website:

Institute for Historical Studies
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