jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Hippocrate Volume 10

Hippocrate "Generation. Nature of the Child. Diseases 4. Nature of Women and Barrenness"

Paul Potter is Chair of the Department of the History of Medicine, University of Western Ontario.

  • Hardcover: 464 pages
  • Éditeur: Loeb Classical Library (22 octobre 2012)
  • Langue: English
  • ISBN-10: 0674996836
  • ISBN-13: 978-0674996830

This is the tenth volume in the Loeb Classical Library’s ongoing edition of Hippocrates’ invaluable texts, which provide essential information about the practice of medicine in antiquity and about Greek theories concerning the human body. Here, Paul Potter presents the Greek text with facing English translation of five treatises, four concerning human reproduction (Generation, Nature of the Child) and reproductive disorders (Nature of Women, Barrenness), and one (Diseases 4) that expounds a general theory of physiology and pathology.

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