lundi 30 juillet 2012

Ressources d'histoire de la médecine en Asie

Call for Resources: FHSAsia Pedagogical Resource for the History of Sci/Med/Tech in Asia

The Forum for the History of Science in Asia (FHSAsia) is a special interest group of the History of Science Society that it devoted to the history of science, medicine, and technology in Asia, with all of those categories broadly and inclusively defined.

I'm writing briefly because the FHSAsia is in the process of compiling pedagogical materials to be hosted on the "Teaching Resources" section of our website. It can be very difficult to identify and access good materials to teach the history of sci/med/tech as it relates to Asia, and this forthcoming FHSAsia resource is meant as a service that will help not just specialists in the field but also colleagues who would like to integrate more Asia-related pedagogical resources into their teaching of the history of sci/med/tech. With that in mind, if you
have materials that you would like to share please email them to I will be compiling and uploading them over the next several months. Resources might include:
- syllabi
- suggestions for primary or secondary source readings
- sample assignments
- links to useful web resources
- and, *importantly*, translations of primary source documents that you don't mind sharing.

These materials will ultimately be posted here.

Please feel welcome to write with any questions or suggestions.
With all best wishes, and with apologies for cross-posting,
Carla Nappi (on behalf of the FHSAsia)

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