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Humanités médicales

Call for Abstracts

Second Annual Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference September 27-28, 2012; Kalamazoo, Michigan

Overview: Proponents of medical humanities contend that the humanistic dimensions of medicine and health are a critical component of those disciplines; not only do these dimensions help us to understand the very nature of medicine and health, their apprehension allows caregivers to relate to their patients, to treat those patients with respect and dignity, and to provide more holistic and empathetic care. The Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference aims to explore a range of themes within the medical humanities, though a primary focus will be on how medical professionals are influenced by the humanities in their daily practices.
This includes values and ethics, and extends to humanities such as music, poetry, and so forth. We are interested in how this informs the care giver's practice of medicine, nursing, or other health care duties, and how it affects patient outcomes. Proposals in any area of medical humanities are welcome, but priority will be given to quality proposals from health care professionals who can relate the humanities to their practices.

The conference is meant to be highly interdisciplinary, drawing participants from a wide range of backgrounds, including those from both academic and medical communities. Submissions are welcome on topics that engage some facet of the medical humanities, including their importance and conceptual scope. Furthermore, we welcome submissions that engage any of the following:
medical ethics, history of medicine, religious and/or spiritual perspectives on medicine, health care communication, medical anthropology, sociology of medicine, cross-cultural approaches to medicine, medicine in literature and/or poetry, musical therapy, or medicine as represented in the visual arts.

Submission Guidelines: Submissions should include name, departmental/institutional affiliation, project title, and an abstract not to exceed 500 words. Proposals should be submitted electronically by July 15-in either .doc/.docx or .pdf format-to
Acceptances will be announced by August 1, and further details will appear on the as they are available.

About Us: Under the direction of Dr. Fritz Allhoff and Mr. David Charlton, the Medical Humanities Workgroup is a new initiative on the campus of Western Michigan University, coordinating individuals from the campus and broader Kalamazoo community with interests in the humanistic dimensions of medicine and health. For more information, please see

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