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Le dernier numéro de Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine

Volume 31, Issue 1 - February 2018


Editorial: The Roy Porter Prize
Pratik Chakrabarti; Patricia Skinner; Dora Vargha


Russia and the Medical Drug Trade in the Seventeenth Century
Clare Griffin

The Sounds and Sights of Natural Childbirth: Films and Records in Antenatal Preparation Classes, 1950s–1980s
Paula A Michaels

Roy Porter Student Prize Essay, Gilding the Pill: The Sensuous Consumption of Patent Medicines, 1815–1841
Erica M Storm

Mining Evidence: South Africa’s Gold Mines and the Career of A. J. Orenstein
Jock McCulloch

Maternal Mortality, Dublin, 1864–1902
Ciara Breathnach; Brian Gurrin

Order and Cleanliness: The Gendered Role of Operating Room Nurses in the United States (1870s–1930s)
Thomas Schlich; Audrey Hasegawa

Roy Porter Student Prize Essay, Professional Entrepreneurs: Women Veterinary Surgeons as Small Business Owners in Interwar Britain
Julie Hipperson

Baltic Drugs Traffic, 1650–1850. Sound Toll Registers Online as a Source for the Import of Exotic Medicines in the Baltic Sea Area
Jan Willem Veluwenkamp; Werner Scheltjens


J. C. McKeown, A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising Facts from the Healing Arts of Greece and Rome
Patricia Baker

Stephen Brogan, The Royal Touch in Early Modern England: Politics, Medicine, and Sin
Viktoria von Hoffmann

Joel Peter Eigen, Mad-Doctors in the Dock. Defending the Diagnosis, 1760–1913
Jade Shepherd

Michael Zeheter, Epidemics, Empire and Environments: Cholera in Madras and Quebec City, 1818–1910
David McLean

Jonathan Lamb, Scurvy: The Disease of Discovery
Erich Weidenhammer

Ornella Moscucci, Gender and Cancer in England, 1860–1948
Agnes Arnold-Forster

Jeanne Kisacky, Rise of the Modern Hospital. An Architectural History of Health and Healing, 1870–1940
Alistair Fair

Gunnar Stolberg, Christina Vanja, Florian Bruns and Fritz Dross (eds), Patientengeschichte in Hospital, Heilstätte und Krankenhaus. Historia Hospitalium. Jahrbuch der deutschen Gesellschaft für Krankenhausgeschichte
Axel C Hüntelmann

Josep L. Barona, The Rockefeller Foundation, Public Health and International Diplomacy, 1920–1945
Anne-Emanuelle Birn

Thuy Linh Nguyen, Childbirth, Maternity and Medical Pluralism in French Colonial Vietnam, 1880–1945
Claire Edington

Magaly Tornay, Zugriffe auf das Ich: Psychoaktive Stoffe und Personenkonzepte in der Schweiz, 1945 bis 1980
Kathryn Schoefert

Andrew J. Hogan, Life Histories of Genetic Disease: Patterns and Prevention in Postwar Medical Genetics
Stephen Pemberton

Bruce M. Z. Cohen, Psychiatric Hegemony: A Marxist Theory of Mental Illness
Paul H Mason

Joseph E. Davis and Ana Marta González (eds), To Fix or To Heal: Patient Care, Public Health, and the Limits of Biomedicine
Harold Braswell

Anthony Ryan Hatch, Blood Sugar: Racial Pharmacology and Food Justice in Black America
Jonathan Kahn

Daniel E. Dawes, 150 Years of ObamaCare
Jonathan Bell

Sarah Lamb (ed), Successful Aging as a Contemporary Obsession. Global Perspectives
Pat Thane

Sharrona Pearl, Face/On: Face Transplants and the Ethics of the Other
Fay Bound Alberti

Sarah Chaney, Psyche on the Skin: A History of Self-Harm
Leigh Dale

Maria Malatesta (ed), Doctors and Patients: History, Representation, Communication. From Antiquity to the Present
Catriona Gilmour Hamilton

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