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Dernier numéro de Vesalius

Vesalius. Journal of the International Society for the History of Medicine

Vol.XXIII, No.1, June 2017 CD Supplement TH

selected papers from Buenos Aires 45 Congress, ISHM 5-9 September 2016

Contents Introduction – p.4
Kenneth Collins

Medicine in Antiquity: its development in Egypt and Greece: Identities and Influences – p.6
Ana Maria Rosso

Chagas Disease in Bolivia: An Historical Approach – p.29
Daniel Elío-Calvo

Past and present of the Institutes of Research in Biomedicine (Argentinian Republic, UBA, 1983-2016) – p.37
Norma Isabel Sánchez

Beginnings of Neuroendocrinology: Romanian-Argentinian Links – p.41
Dana Baran

Cross-links and Medical Network between Italy and Argentina – p.51 
Alfredo Musajo-Somma, Laura Musajo-Somma

Gador s.a. Scientific and Technological Contributions 1940-2015: a Long-standing Collaboration with Science – p.58
Olga Greco, Franco Guerra, Claudio A. Incardona, Emilio J. A. Roldán

The first known Egyptian Physician/Dentist: Artefacts in the Museum of La Plata (Argentina) – p.66
Andrea Paula Zingarelli, María Belén Castro, Yesica Leguizamón, Pablo Rosell, Leila Salem

Concept of the Immortal Soul in Ancient Medicine and Natural Philosophy – p.79
Dimitri A. Balalykin

A Modern Justification of Dioscorides’ Treatment for Cataract – p.86 
Athanasios A. Diamandopoulos, A.Hilary Diamandopoulou – Drummond

Malachite, the Healing Gem of Green Nature – p.99 
Maria do Sameiro Barroso

The History of China’s Medical and Health Aid – p.108
Jingjing Su, Zhang Daqing

Reconstructing Traditional Chinese Medicine by Science: A Study on the Medical Research Society of China – p.119
Zhang Daqing

The Introduction of Anestesia into China: The Mystery of Dr. Peter Parker – p.126 
Qi Chen

Book Review
Gary Ferngren, Medicine and Religion: A Historical Introduction – p.133
Kenneth Collins

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