mardi 17 janvier 2017

Les prothèses médiévales et prémodernes

Prosthesis in Medieval and Early Modern Culture

Textual Practice, vol. 30, n. 7

Anniversary Turning Point

Life, love and theory: a verse-chronicle
Christopher Norris


Chloe Porter, Katie L. Walter & Margaret Healy


Prosthesis and reformation: the Black Rubric and the reinvention of kneeling
Isabel Davis

Wearing powerful words and objects: healing prosthetics
Margaret Healy

Literary genre, medieval studies, and the prosthesis of disability
Julie Orlemanski

Prosthetic ecologies: vulnerable bodies and the dismodern subject in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Richard H. Godden

Prosthetic encounter and queer intersubjectivity in The Merchant of Venice
Allison P. Hobgood

‘Happy, and without a name’: prosthetic identities on the early modern stage
Naomi Baker

Prosthesis and the performance of beginnings in The Woman in the Moon
Chloe Porter

Fragments for a medieval theory of prosthesis
Katie L. Walter

Book Reviews

Inanimation: theories of inorganic life

Christopher J. Müller & Mareile Pfannebecker

Crunch lit
Philip Jones

Gestures of testimony: torture, trauma, and affect in literature
Prudence Gibson

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