lundi 2 mai 2016

Les changements dans le soin médical

Changes in Medical Care 

Special Issue - Journal of Social History - Volume 49 Issue 3 Spring 2016

Patrick Wallis
Introduction: The Growth of the Early Modern Medical Economy

Alexandra Bamji
Medical Care in Early Modern Venice

Patrick Wallis and Teerapa Pirohakul
Medical Revolutions? The Growth of Medicine in England, 1660–1800

Heidi Deneweth and Patrick Wallis
Households, Consumption and the Development of Medical Care in the Netherlands, 1650–1900

Section II: Social Mobility

Igor Fedyukin
Nobility and Schooling in Russia, 1700s–1760s: Choices in a Social Context

Marco H.D. Van Leeuwen, Ineke Maas, Danièle Rébaudo, and Jean-Pierre Pélissier
Social Mobility in France 1720–1986: Effects of Wars, Revolution and Economic Change

Rosa Congost, Rosa Ros, and Enric Saguer
Beyond Life Cycle and Inheritance Strategies: The Rise of a Middling Social Group in an Ancien Régime Society (Catalonia, Eighteenth Century)

Section III: Regional Topics

Linda Mahood
Thumb Wars: Hitchhiking, Canadian Youth Rituals and Risk in the Twentieth Century

Alana Jayne Piper
“Woman's Special Enemy”: Female Enmity in Criminal Discourse during the Long Nineteenth Century

Jonathan Lande
Trials of Freedom: African American Deserters during the U.S. Civil War

Joseph Moreau
“I Learned it by Watching YOU!” The Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Attack on “Responsible Use” Education in the 1980s

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