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History of psychiatry 25 (1)

History of psychiatry 

March 2014; 25 (1)

Andreas-Holger Maehle
The powers of suggestion: Albert Moll and the debate on hypnosis

Harry Oosterhuis
Mental health, citizenship, and the memory of World War II in the Netherlands (1945–85)

Ana Antic
Therapeutic Fascism: re-educating Communists in Nazi-occupied Serbia, 1942–44

Laura Allison and Joanna Moncrieff
‘Rapid tranquillisation’: an historical perspective on its emergence in the context of the development of antipsychotic medications

Niall McCrae
Resilience of institutional culture: mental nursing in a decade of radical change

Jan Dirk Blom
When doctors cry wolf: a systematic review of the literature on clinical lycanthropy

Olga Alexandrovna Vlasova and Dr Allan Beveridge
Karl Jaspers’ phenomenology in the light of histological and X-ray metaphors

Classic Text No. 97

‘Febrile Anxiety’, by Robert James (1745): With an introduction by GE Berrios

Book Reviews

Ali Haggett
Book Review: Clark Lawlor, From Melancholy to Prozac: A History of Depression

Ana Antic
Book Review: Daniel Pick, The Pursuit of the Nazi Mind: Hitler, Hess, and the Anal

Blaine Wickham
Book Review: Mical Raz, The Lobotomy Letters: The Making of American Psychosurgery

Maureen Park
Book Review: Dorinda Evans, Gilbert Stuart and the Impact of Manic Depression

Alexander Dunst
Book Review: Martin Halliwell, Therapeutic Revolutions: Medicine, Psychiatry, and American Culture, 1945–1970

Letters to the Editor

Søren Kierkegaard’s disease (received 17 December 2013)

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