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Histoire des psychothérapies

From Moral Treatment to Psychological Therapies: Psychotherapeutics from the York Retreat to the Present Day

University College London, 11th-13th October 2013

Conference Programme

Friday 11th October

10.30 Registration opens, Old Refectory, UCL Main Building
11.00-11.30 Welcome address

11.30-12.30 18th and 19th Centuries

Edward Brown (Independent scholar) François Leuret:  Nineteenth Century Psychotherapist

Sharlene Walbaum (Quinnipian University, Connecticut) Moral Therapies Before the York Retreat: Work and Therapeutics in 18th C English and Scottish Asylums’

Andrea Korenjak (Paris-Lodron-University, Salzburg) Music and “Moral Treatment”: Music as Therapeutic Medium in the 19th Century as Reflected in Present-Day Music Therapy Concepts

Lunch 12.30-14.00

14.00-15.00 Late 19th Century

Sarah Chaney (University College London) The Action of the Imagination: Daniel Hack Tuke and Late Victorian Psychotherapeutics

Thibaud Trochu (University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne) Lourdes’s ‘miraculous’ healings as viewed by a protestant scientis

C. Bartolucci and G.P Lombardo (University of Rome Sapienza) The renewal in the diagnosis and treatment of the abnormal subjects according to Enrico Morselli (1852-1929)

15.00-15.30 coffee break

15.30-16.30 Early-Mid 20th Century
Monika Ankele (University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf) Occupational Therapy in Germany during the Weimar Period (1918-1933)

David Freis (European University Institute, Florence) Subordination, Authority, Psychotherapy: Mental Hygiene and Politics in Interwar Vienna

Simon Taylor (Columbia University New York) Between Philosophy and Psychotherapeutics: Existential Analysis and the Birth of Anxiety

16.30-17.10 Psychiatry in the ‘60s and ‘70s

Peter Agulnik, Craig Fees, David Kennard, David Millard, & John Hall (British Psychological Society)
Harnessing personal experience in understanding the development of therapeutic communities and environments: an Oxford case history

Kateřina Lišková (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)
Everything for the Couple: Sex Therapy in Czechoslovakia during Normalization

Saturday 12th October

11.00-12.00 Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Susan Lamb (McGill University) Importing, Appropriating, and Condemning Psychoanalysis: Adolf Meyer’s Use of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Technique at Johns Hopkins, 1913-1917

Arthur Eaton (University College London)Undercurrents: the history of lay psycho-analysis in the USA

Dee McQuillan (University College London) Bringing Psychoanalysis to Bloomsbury: Strachey and the Translation of Freud into English.

12.00-13.30 lunch

13.30-14.30 Art Therapies

Susan Hogan History of Art Therapy

Imogen Wiltshire (University of Birmingham) On the Historical Origins of British Art Therapy: Arthur Segal, Painting and German Modernism

Cristina Hanganu-Bresch (University of the Sciences, Philadelphia) The Proof is in the Brush-Stroke: Diagnosing and Treating Psychiatric Patients through Art

14.30-15.30 coffee break

15.30-16.30 Transcultural Contexts

Nancy Rose Hunt (University of Michigan) Neurasthenia and Vernacular Therapies the Colonial Situation of the Congo

Yu-Chuan Wu (Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan) Psychotherapy at Home: Morita Therapy for Neurotic Disposition in Japan, 1919-1945

Roland Littlewood (University College London) Anthropological Approaches and Transcultural Psychiatry

Sunday 13th October

11.00-12.00 New Paradigms in Modern Psychotherapy

Sonu Shamdasani (University College London) Notes on Wellbeing in 20th Century Psychotherapy

Felicity Callard (University of Durham) Behavioural Therapy and the Calibration of Anxiety

Rachel Rosner (Independent Scholar) To Manualize Psychotherapy: Aaron T. Beck and the Creation of the Manualized Treatment Protocol

12.00.-13.30 lunch

13.30-14.30 Hallucinogens and Psychotherapy

Matei Iagher (University College London) Ronald Sandison and the Use of LSD in Psychotherapy

Jelena Martinovic (University of Lausanne) Bootstrappers Seeking to Understand Creativity: Experimental Science, Psychiatry and Cybernetics (1960-1970)

Sarah Marks Stanislav Grof and LSD Psychotherapy

14.30-15.00 coffee break

15.00-16.00 Concepts and Debates in Modern Psychotherapy

Stephanie Pache (University of Lausanne) Feminist Therapy: How Feminism Shapes Psychotherapy

Ulrich Koch (Johns Hopkins University) Cruel to be kind? The politics of professionalism and the controversies over therapists’ displays of emotions in the consulting room (ca. 1940-1980)

Andreas Sommer (University of Cambridge) Discarnate Spirits as Pathogens and Cure in Modern Western Psychiatry

16.00 Conference End

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