mardi 25 juin 2013

Histoire de la dentisterie

Dentistry at a Crossroads: Divining the Future from the Past

Call for Papers : American Academy of the History of Dentistry 62nd Annual Meeting 

October 18 & 19, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts

AAHD 62nd Annual Meeting

The American Academy of the History of Dentistry will hold its 62nd Annual Meeting in Boston, October 18th-19th, 2013. The theme of this year’s conference is: “Dentistry at a Crossroads: Divining the Future from the Past.”

Dentistry as we know it was born in the 18th century, had its professional coming-of-age in the 19th century, and became fully established its present form in the 20th century. Throughout the centuries, our predecessors forged ahead with remarkable achievements and discoveries; but they did not shy away from confronting the new challenges which came along with these milestones. Changing times bring new questions requiring understanding, refinement and integration into the art and science of the profession of dentistry. And yet today, the dental profession must grapple with the very same questions our forebears did: how to integrate cutting-edge technological breakthroughs; how to structure dental education; and perennial issues of ethics, advertising and social responsibility.

In the spirit of our ongoing quest for knowledge and professional development, the American Academy of the History of Dentistry invites you, our colleagues, to submit papers and proposals for what is sure to be a vibrant series of presentations and conversations.

Please send a brief abstract with title to the following e-mail address:

Deadline for submissions is August 15th, 2013

Here is a selection of possible topics for your consideration:

  • Dentists, dentistry, medicine & public perception
  • The persistence of charlatans: dentistry’s responsibility to police pseudoscience
  • Technological and aesthetic advancements in patient care
  • Improved dental diagnostics: implications for patients and practitioners
  • Solo, group, corporate: the changing structure of dental practices
  • Conflicts and controversies in organized dentistry
  • Evidence-based dentistry: what do numbers really say?
  • Dental education after the Gies report
  • Scholarship: information vs. knowledge

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