lundi 6 août 2018

Le dernier numéro de Social History of Medicine

Social History of Medicine

Volume 31, Issue 3, August 2018

The Society and its Journal: Note of Thanks and Welcome

Original Articles
The Science of Pleasure: Medicine and Sex Therapy in Mid-Twentieth Century Australia
by Lisa Featherstone

Aboriginal People in Western Australian Mental Hospitals, 1903-1966
by Philippa Martyr and Sophie Davison

Revisiting Post-war British Medical Migration: A Case Study of Bristol Medical Graduates in Australia
by Fallon Mody

Cat and Mouse: Animal Technologies, Trans-Imperial Networks and Public Health from Below British India, c. 1907-1918
by Projit Bihari Mukharji

The Products of Experiment: Changing Conceptions of Difference in the History of Tuberculosis in East Africa, 1920s -1970s
by Kirsten Moore-Sheeley

Lads and Ladies, Contenders on the Ward-How Trained Nurses became Primary Caregivers to Soldiers during the Second Anglo-Boer War
by Caroline Adams

Personalities, Preferences and Practicalities: Educating Nurses in Wound Sepsis in the British Hospital, 1870-1920
by Claire L Jones, Marguerite Dupree, Iain Hutchinson, Susan Gardiner, Anne Marie Rafferty

Science on the Niger: Ventilation and Tropical Disease during the 1841 Niger Expedition
by Edward J Gillin

Mikomeseng: Leprosy, Legitimacy and Francoist Repression in Spanish Guinea
by David Brydan

Book Reviews:

Pablo F. Gómez, Creating Knowledge and Healing in the Early Modern Atlantic
by Paul F. Ramirez

Laurinda Abreu, The Political and Social Dynamics of Poverty, Poor Relief and Health Care in Early-Modern Portugal
by Kristy Wilson Bowers

Lucia Dacome, Malleable Anatomies: Models, Markers, and Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century Italy
by Paolo Savoia

Stephen Snelders, Leprosy and Colonialism: Suriname under Dutch Rule, 1750-1950
by Kristen Block

Stuart Wildman, ‘He’s only a pauper whom nobody owns’: Caring for the Sick in the Warwickshire Poor Law Unions 1834-1914
by Kim Price

Peter Hobbins, Venomous Encounters: Snakes, Vivisection and Scientific Medicine in Colonial Australia
by Rahul Bhaumik

Marion Baschin, Ärztliche Praxis im letzten Drittel des 19. Jahrhunderts: Der Homöopath Dr Friedrich Paul von Bönninghausen (1828–1910)
by Michael G Kenny

Richard C. Parks, Medical Imperialism in French North Africa: Regenerating the Jewish Community of Colonial Tunis
by Jessica Lynne Pearson

Bernhard Ortmann, Die Hildesheimer Blindenmission in Hongkong. Blinde und sehbehinderte Kinder in Werk und Wahrnehmung einer Frauenmission, ca. 1890-1997
by Albert Wu

Ana Antić, Therapeutic Fascism: Experiencing the Violence of the Nazi New Order in Yugoslavia
by Sarah Marks

Wendy Z. Goldman and Donald Filtzer (eds), Hunger and War: Food Provisioning in the Soviet Union During World War II
by Golfo Alexopoulos

Nadine Ehlers and Leslie R.Hinkson (eds), Subprime Health: Debt and Race in U.S. Medicine
by Dennis A Doyle

Adam Montgomery, The Invisible Injured: Psychological Trauma in the Canadian Military from the First World War to Afghanistan
by Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen

Miranda Waggoner, The Zero Trimester: pre-pregnancy care and the politics of reproductive risk
by Shannon Withycombe

Hans Pols, Claudia Michele Thompson and John Harley Warner (eds), Translating the Body: Medical Education in Southeast Asia
by Wayne Soon

Rob Boddice, Pain: A Very Short Introduction
by Leticia Fernández-Fontecha

Howard I. Kushner, On the Other Hand: Left Hand, Right Brain, Mental Disorder, and History
by Pamela Dale

Birgit Lang, Joy Damousi and Alison Lewis, A History of the Case Study, Sexology, Psychoanalysis, Literature
by Janet Weston

Alison Bashford (ed), Quarantine: Local and Global Histories
by Lucia Dacome

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