vendredi 8 juin 2018

Les marges psychopathologiques

Psychopathological Fringes: Knowledge making and boundary work in 20th century psychiatry

History of the Human Science,  Volume 31, Issue 2, April 2018

Guest Editor : Nicolas Henckes , Volker Hess and Marie Reinholdt

Exploring the fringes of psychopathology
Boundary entities, category work and other borderline phenomena in the history of 20th century psychopathology

Nicolas Henckes, Volker Hess, Marie Reinholdt

Feeling and smelling psychosis
American alienism, psychiatry, prodromes and the limits of ‘category work’

Richard Noll

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease in Kraepelin’s clinic, 1909–1912
Lara Keuck

Performing doubt and negotiating uncertainty
Diagnosing schizophrenia at its onset in post-war German psychiatry

Nicolas Henckes, Lara Rzesnitzek

Soviet psychiatry and the origins of the sluggish schizophrenia concept, 1912–1936
Benjamin Zajicek

Anticipating psychosis
The Copenhagen High-Risk Project and the dream of the prevention of schizophrenia

Marie Reinholdt

On ‘moral injury’
Psychic fringes and war violence

Kenneth MacLeish

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