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La médecine coloniale jésuite en Amérique du Sud

Jesuit colonial medicine in South America. A multidisciplinary and comparative approach.
Medicina jesuítica en la América del Sur colonial. Una aproximación multidisciplinar.

Obermeier, Franz (ed.) 2018

Proceedings of the 9 th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines (ICTAM IX). Kiel, Germany from 6 th to 12 th Aug. 2017.

Abstract: The Jesuit reductions of Paraguay and adjacent territories such as the Chiquitania in today’s Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina (1608-1767) are a particular well-documented area of encounter between Jesuit missionaries and indigenous populations mainly Guaraní. There are medical texts mainly in Spanish from this area but also a pharmaceutical manuscript in Guaraní, ascribed to the Lay Brother Marcos Villodas (1695-1741) and dated 1725, not yet edited. When the most important Spanish text on the topic by the physician Pedro de Montenegro (1663-1728) was rediscovered in the 19th century, it was called "Materia Medica misionera" in its first edition. Different manuscript versions, some with illustrations exist. Also available is the recently rediscovered anonymous Spanish Tratado de ... cirurgia, dated 1725 and related to the missions, which represents one major source about history of medicine in the region. The articles in these proceedings focus on various aspects: medical terminology adopted by Jesuit manuscripts and dictionaries in Guarani and Chiquitano, Guaraní anthropological concepts about healing among the Jesuits, new discovered manuscripts of medicine history (a new version of a pharmaceutical manuscript ascribed to Villodas in Guaraní from the 18th century, the mentioned Spanish Tratado de cirurgia, dated 1725) and the history of research about the topic in 19th century Argentina by Pedro de Arata (1849-1922). With a short bibliography of contemporary manuscript sources and South American pharmaceutical inventories. 

These congress proceedings (ICTAM Kiel 2017) show the importance of colonial Jesuit medicine for the history of science, antropology and linguistics in the region.


Franz Obermeier 
Jesuit contributions to science and medicine in colonial South America, a research survey 

Sabine Lenke-von Heidenfeld 
The encounter of Jesuit medicine and traditional Guaraní medicine in South America in the 17th and 18th century. Conflict, cooperation and the analysis of conceptual differences. 

Franz Obermeier 
Manuscritos descubiertos y redescubiertos de medicina y farmacia en el contexto guaraní-español de las reducciones rioplatenses en los siglos XVII y XVIII.

Sieglinde Falkinger 
Maquimanaucotos - Medicine for the body - medicine for the soul 

Leonardo Cerno 
Variedad estándar y lengua común reduccional. Sobre el léxico del cuerpo humano y la medicina en la lexicografía jesuítica y en el manuscrito Pohã Ñanã (1725)

Diego Medan 
Pedro N. Arata y la percepción inicial de los herbarios jesuíticos en el Río de la Plata

Franz Obermeier 
Bibliografia seleccionada de manuscritos de medicina del La Plata colonial/A selected bibliography of medical manuscripts from the colonial La Plata-region 

Franz Obermeier 
Fuentes digitales para la historia de farmacias jesuíticas o coloniales en América del Sur/Digital sources for the history of Jesuit or colonial pharmacies in South America.

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