mardi 9 janvier 2018

Les découvertes en histoire de la médecine

Medical History - A World of Discoverie​s 

Call for Papers

46th ISHM Congress
Lisbon, Portugal
3-7 September, 2018

Congress Venue

Location: Campo Mártires da Pátria, Lisboa

We invite you to please send your abstract including title, author name, affiliation, e-mail address, from 200 up to 300 words, topic number, key words, short bio of 10 lines, and please be sure we receive it by 31.01.2018
to the following e-mail address:

​Your abstract will be analysed be the Scientific Committee and it will be evaluated as to be considered for an oral presentation or a poster. You will receive an email acknowledging the acceptance of your abstract and the nature of your presentation.

​ Topics

1. Palaeopathology: modern research and scientific approaches
2. Ethomedicines, ancient medicine
3. Women in medicine
4. Hospitals and medical assistance
5. Endemic and epidemic diseases: impact in history and society
6. Poisons, antidotes and forensic medicine
7. Teaching of medicine medical universities and schools
8. History of anatomical thought and procedures
9. Jewish medicine , Arabic and medieval medicine
10. History of surgery, obstetrics and evolution of surgical techniques and instruments
11. Medicine at the Age of the Discoveries: Eastern and Western medicine
12. Medicine in Art and Literature
13. Medical collections and Museums
14. Great figures of medicine
15. Diseases and causes of death in great figures of history, medicine, politics, art and literature
16. Medicine in war context: emergency medicine and discovery of new techniques
17. Other topics

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