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Histoire de la chirurgie

The Palgrave Handbook of the History of Surgery

Thomas Schlich (Editor)

Palgrave Macmillan, London
ISBN 978-1-349-95259-5

This handbook covers the technical, social and cultural history of surgery. It reflects the state of the art and suggests directions for future research. It discusses what is different and specific about the history of surgery - a manual activity with a direct impact on the patient’s body. The individual entries in the handbook function as starting points for anyone who wants to obtain up-to-date information about an area in the history of surgery for purposes of research or for general orientation. Written by 26 experts from 6 countries, the chapters discuss the essential topics of the field (such as anaesthesia, wound infection, instruments, specialization), specific domains areas (for example, cancer surgery, transplants, animals, war), but also innovative themes (women, popular culture, nursing, clinical trials) and make connections to other areas of historical research (such as the history of emotions, art, architecture, colonial history). 

Introduction: What Is Special About the History of Surgery?
Thomas Schlich

Surgery and Its Histories: Purposes and Contexts
Christopher Lawrence

Pre-modern Surgery: Wounds, Words, and the Paradox of ‘Tradition’
Faith Wallis

Medicalizing the Surgical Trade, 1650–1820: Workers, Knowledge, Markets and Politics
Christelle Rabier

Surgery Becomes a Specialty: Professional Boundaries and Surgery
Peter J. Kernahan

Between Human and Veterinary Medicine: The History of Animals and Surgery
Abigail Woods

Women in Surgery: Patients and Practitioners
Claire Brock

Nursing and Surgery: Professionalisation, Education and Innovation
Rosemary Wall, Christine E. Hallett

Opening the Abdomen: The Expansion of Surgery
Sally Frampton

Surgery and Anaesthesia: Revolutions in Practice
Stephanie J. Snow

The History of Surgical Wound Infection: Revolution or Evolution?
Michael Worboys

Surgical Instruments: History and Historiography
Claire L. Jones

Surgery and Architecture: Spaces for Operating
Annmarie Adams

Visualizing Surgery: Surgeons’ Use of Images, 1600–Present
Harriet Palfreyman, Christelle Rabier

Art and Surgery: The Expert Hands of Artists and Surgeons
Mary Hunter

Surgery and Emotion: The Era Before Anaesthesia
Michael Brown

Surgery and Popular Culture: Situating the Surgeon and the Surgical Experience in Popular Media
Susan E. Lederer

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