vendredi 15 septembre 2017

Séminaire du CHoSTM

King’s College London CHoSTM Seminar  

Programme, 2017-2018

All seminars will be held in room S8.08 in the Strand Building at King’s College London, from 16:00-17:30.  All are welcome.

For more information about the Centre for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine at KCL, please see: 


27 September:  Kathryn Schoefert (KCL)  
One Brain? Comparing human and non-human animal brains in the mid-20th century

11 October:  Scott Vrecko (KCL)  
Title TBC                  
25 October:  Robin Scheffler (MIT)  
A Contagious Cause: The Search for Cancer Viruses and the Growth of American Biomedicine

8 November:  Chiara Thumiger (Warwick)  
Quasi Phreneticus: Metaphorical and technical interactions in the history of the ancient disease concept phrenitis
22 November:  Daniel Margoscy (Cambridge)  
The Natural History of Satyrs: Mythology and Science from Conrad Gesner to Charles Darwin

6 December:  Amanda Rees (York)  
Othering the Brother: class, race, species and Neandert(h)als in 20th century popular fiction                 

17 January:  Samiksha Sehrawat (Newcastle)  
Title TBC                                                                 

31 January:  Tiago Mata (UCL)  
Economic literacy and popular histories of economics since 1945
14 February:  Kathleen Vongsathorn (Warwick)  
“We are the little doctors”: Midwives, Perceptions of Expertise, and Shifting Engagement with Hospitals in Uganda, 1918-1979   
28 February: Francesca Bray (Edinburgh)  
Moving crops and the scales of history        
14 March:  Chris Renwick (York)  
Population Science and Democracy in Mid-Twentieth-Century Britain
28 March:  Richard Oosterhoff (Cambridge)  
Making Common Sense: The Untutored Mind in Early Modern Europe                                                                                                                                                                        
2 May:  Jana Funke (Exeter)   
Transvestites, Sexo-Aesthetic Inverts and Eonists: Emerging Understandings of Trans Identity in Early Twentieth-Century Science and Literature
16 May:  Mikael Hård (Darmstadt)   
How to Write a Global History of Technology?                  
30 May:  Tamar Novick (MPIWG)  
Urine & Gold: A History of Threats and Wonders             

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