lundi 11 septembre 2017

Le traumatisme mental et la guerre de Corée

Invisible Scars: Mental Trauma and the Korean War 

Meghan Fitzpatrick

Hardcover: 196 pages
Éditeur: UBC Press (1 août 2017)
Langue: English
ISBN-13: 978-0774834780

Invisible Scars provides the first extended exploration of Commonwealth Division psychiatry during the Korean War and the psychiatric-care systems in place for the thousands of soldiers who fought in that conflict. Fitzpatrick demonstrates that although Commonwealth forces were generally successful in returning psychologically traumatized servicemen to duty, they failed to compensate or support in a meaningful way veterans returning to civilian life. Moreover, ignorance at home contributed to widespread misunderstanding of their condition. This book offers an intimate look into the history of psychological trauma. In addition, it engages with current disability, pensions, and compensation issues that remain hotly contested.

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