mercredi 14 juin 2017

Les traditions médicales

Medical Traditions

Intellectual History of the Islamicate World, Volume 5, Issue 3, Special Issue: Part I, 2017

Leigh Chipman; Peter E. Pormann and Miri Shefer-Mossensohn

On the Problem of Syriac “Influence” in the Transmission of Greek Science to the Arabs: The Cases of Astronomy, Philosophy, and Medicine
Siam Bhayro

A Syriac Medical Kunnāšā of Īšōʿ bar ʿAlī (9th c.): First Soundings
Grigory Kessel

The Enigma of Arabic and Hebrew Palladius
Peter E. Pormann; Samuel Barry; Nicola Carpentieri; Elaine van Dalen; Kamran I. Karimullah; Taro Mimura and Hammood Obaid

Transformation of Galen’s Textual Legacy from Classical to Post-Classical Islamic Medicine: Commentaries on the Hippocratic Aphorisms
Kamran I. Karimullah

Book Review

Forbidden Passages: Muslims and Moriscos in Colonial Spanish America, written by Karoline P. Cook
Tamar Herzog

Ideas in Motion in Baghdad and Beyond: Philosophical and Theological Exchanges between Christians and Muslims in the Third/Ninth and Fourth/Tenth Centuries, edited by Damien Janos
Peter Adamson

Evangelio árabe fragmentario de Marcos (Ms. Qarawiyyīn 730): Una traducción árabe andalusí del siglo X. Edición diplomática y estudio preliminar, edited by Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala
Author: Miriam L. Hjälm

Severus of Antioch: His Life and Times, edited by John D’Alton and Youhanna Youssef
Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala

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