mardi 6 juin 2017

Émotions, médecine et pénitence dans le dernier Moyen-âge

Caring for the Living Soul. Emotions, Medicine and Penance in the Late Medieval Mediterranean

Naama Cohen-Hanegbi

Imprint:  BRILL
Format: Hardback
Pages, Illustr.:  250 pp.
ISBN13: 9789004341517
Expected Date: May 2017

Caring for the Living Soul identifies the fundamental role emotions played in the development of learned medicine and in the formation of the social role of the "physicians of the body" in the western Mediterranean between 1200 and 1500. The book explores theoretical debates and practical advice concerning the treatment of the "accidentia anime" in diverse medical sources. Contextualizing this literature within the developments in natural philosophy and pastoral theology during the period, and alongside local and social contexts of medical practice, emotions are revealed to have been a malleable topic through which change and innovation in the field of medicine transpired. Bringing together a wide range of untapped sources and creating connections between emotions, religious authorities, and medical practitioners, this study sheds light on the centrality of the discourses of emotions to the formation of the social fabric.

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