dimanche 16 avril 2017

Histoire d'un concept prémoderne de maladie

The controversial polyp: The history of an early modern disease concept

Lecture by Marco Bresadola (University of Ferrara)

Seminar of Historical Epistemology (SHE)

When: Friday, April 21, h 14.30
Where: University of Milan, Aula Enzo Paci

In early modern medicine the polyp of the heart was a ubiquitous disease, reported in many post-mortem observations and discussed in several medical works. This paper reconstructs the history of this disease concept, which offers an interesting case for an assessment of the complex interactions between anatomical observation, pathological ideas and philosophical conceptions of the human body. Assuming the point of view of the historical contingency of diseases, the paper also argues in favour of a biographical approach to the history of pathological entities.

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