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Histoire de la psychiatrie écossaise

Histories of asylums, insanity and psychiatry in Scotland

History of psychiatry, Volume 28, Issue 1, March 2017

Special Issue edited by Chris Philo and Jonathan Andrews


Introduction: histories of asylums, insanity and psychiatry in Scotland
Chris Philo, Jonathan Andrews

A ‘Scottish Poor Law of Lunacy’? Poor Law, Lunacy Law and Scotland’s parochial asylums
Lauren Farquharson

Liberty and the individual: the colony asylum in Scotland and England
Gillian Allmond

‘Noisy, restless and incoherent’: puerperal insanity at Dundee Lunatic Asylum
Morag Allan Campbell

‘The Head Carver’: Art Extraordinary and the small spaces of asylum
Cheryl McGeachan

Henderson and Meyer in correspondence: a transatlantic history of dynamic psychiatry, 1908–29
Hazel Morrison

Reconstructing the eclectic psychiatry of Thomas Ferguson Rodger
Sarah Phelan

From asylum to action in Scotland: the emergence of the Scottish Union of Mental Patients, 1971–2
Mark Gallagher

‘Heading up a blind alley’? Scottish psychiatric hospitals in the era of deinstitutionalization
Vicky Long

Classic Text No. 109

James Frame’s The Philosophy of Insanity (1860)

Jonathan Andrews, Chris Philo

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