samedi 14 janvier 2017

Le dernier numéro des Annales canadiennes d'histoire

Canadian Journal of History

Volume 51 No. 3 - Winter 2016

The Early Modern Medical-Military Complex: The Wider Context of the Relationship Between Military, Medicine, and the State
Sebastian Pranghofer
51(3), pp. 451–472

Secret Remedies and the Medical Needs of the French State: The Career of Adrien Helvétius, 1662–1727
Justin Rivest
51(3), pp. 473–499

Mending the Sick and Wounded: The Development of Naval Hospitals in the West Indies, 1740–1800
Cori Convertito
51(3), pp. 500–533

A Population Falling Ill: The Poor Health of Saxons in the Long Eighteenth Century
Ulf Christian Ewert
51(3), pp. 534–562

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