samedi 21 janvier 2017

Histoire des cosmétiques et de la phytothérapie

History of Cosmetics and Phytotherapy

Call for Abstracts

I am happy to inform you that, in the context of the 5th International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress, which will take place in Patras, Greece, on May 15-17, 2017, Alain Touwaide and I are organizing a session on the History of Cosmetics and of Phytotherapy, entitled "The Fragrance of History". 

Cosmetics and cosmetic uses of natural products have a long history possibly dating as far back as Humankind. The session devoted to this topic will explore remains of ancient perfumes studied with cutting-edge laboratory analytical methods, documents reporting the methods for the preparation of perfumes and other products for bodily hygiene, and works of art representing perfume production, plants used for perfumery or other aspects of the care for the body through history. It is expected to bring to light uses of plants and natural resources previously unknown or not well known, to open new methodological avenues for future research, and to broaden the approach to perfume and bodily hygiene by framing them in the context of history. 
We welcome abstracts on these and other related topics, on any time-period and geographical area.

I hope you will consider submitting a proposal for a presentation in this historical session. Please, follow the instructions to submit your abstract. 

Thanks for your attention and for circulating this announcement to colleagues and friends.

Best wishes,

Emanuela Appetiti

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