dimanche 1 janvier 2017

Fascisme dans l'histoire de la médecine

Fascism in the history of medicine

Call for papers

Submissions are invited for a series hosted by the REMEDIA blog on the theme of Fascism in the history of medicine.

The pieces we choose will imaginatively and rigorously tackle topics including (but by no means limited to) the relationship between fascism and medical institutions; the (self)-perception of the medical profession in fascist regimes; the use of medical ideas and scientific language to sustain fascist ideologies; the role of medical research in such societies; the popularity of new types of medical thinking and alternative medicine within fascism; conceptions of the body, mind and health under fascist regimes; masculinity and femininity in fascism; projections of scientific futures in fascist societies.

We welcome papers from colleagues working in history, history of medicine and science, anthropology and elsewhere in the humanities. There are no restrictions to particular geographical locations or historical time periods. If you are interested in contributing to REMEDIA for this themed series or to showcase your research on another subject, please send an email to Lisa Haushofer and Kate Womersley at remedianetwork@gmail.com with an abstract of c.200 words outlining your proposed topic no later than January 8th 2017. For more information, please see our guidelines for contributors.

Contact Info:
Lisa Haushofer and Kate Womersley, Editors
Contact Email: remedianetwork@gmail.com

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