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Journal of Social History of Medicine & Health

Journal of Social History of Medicine & Health

Call for papers

The History Department of Shanghai University has established a new history of medicine journal titled "Journal of Social History of Medicine & Health". I've copied the call for papers below. They are very keen on receiving contributions in global health history and premodern medicine, and are planning a special premodern issue in the new future. 

Scholars from around the world have long been interested in researching the social history of medicine and health. A recent series of crises, such as the global spread of SARS, H7N9, Ebola and other diseases, have drawn attention on disease within a globalized world. This trend will be strengthened by upcoming challenges such as climate change, mass migration, economic crises and other factors, which are likely to affect global health during the 21st century. A sound understanding of the historical context of these ongoing and future challenges is crucial for debating and analyzing these problems and possible repercussions. The History Department at Shanghai University has established the “Journal of Social History of Medicine & Health” published twice a year by China Social Sciences Press. It aims to promote dialogue and cooperation within the international academic community, to develop historical analysis using a broad range of historical data and methodology, and to strengthen communication between different disciplines. The journal will include the following sections: “Roundtable Discussion”, “Research Papers”, “Introduction to Archives and Documents”, “Reviews”, “Book Reviews”, among other columns.
The proposed journal is committed to high academic quality, originality and pioneering research that pushes academic frontiers and promotes the use of original historical data combined with the methods and questions of interdisciplinary research. The journal will attempt to promote in-depth research into the study of the history of the transmission of diseases, the dissemination of medical and health knowledge and the interaction of economics, politics, culture, military affairs, environmental concerns and religion for human health. It will particularly encourage research into modern and premodern health policy, and how their establishment and development addressed the challenges of their times. The journal will also endeavor to provide a platform for research into the social history of medicine, critically debating preventive and therapeutic measures and solutions for public security crises, on a local, national and global level.
We invite submissions of both long and short papers on a broad range of topics that combine rigorous historical research on past, present and future health challenge from scholars in China and abroad. In addition to original papers, reviews of pertinent trends in domestic and international research, book reviews, interviews and research in other related aspects will also be considered. Multiple submissions are not allowed.

1. Please submit your paper by Email.
2. Papers should include abstracts of 200 characters or words, and 3 to 5 key words. 
3. Each submission should include a separate page stating the name(s), institution(s), and contact information for the author(s).
4. Papers will be subject to blind peer-review by experts. Authors will receive news on whether their paper has been accepted or not within one month.
5. Chicago citation style should be used through the paper, including the notes and quotations.

We are happy to advise you on submissions. Please contact the Editorial Office at .
The Editorial Office of “Journal of Social History of Medicine and Health”

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