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Histoire des sciences et des émotions

History of Science and the Emotions

Osiris, Volume 31, Number 1 | 2016


An Introduction to History of Science and the Emotions
Otniel E. Dror, Bettina Hitzer, Anja Laukötter, Pilar León-Sanz

Situating Emotions

Medieval Sciences of Emotions during the Eleventh to Thirteenth Centuries: An Intellectual History
Damien Boquet, Piroska Nagy

Moving Soul: Emotions in Late Medieval Medicine
Naama Cohen-Hanegbi

The Feeling Body and Its Diseases: How Cancer Went Psychosomatic in Twentieth-Century Germany
Bettina Hitzer, Pilar León-Sanz

Mother Love and Mental Illness: An Emotional History
Anne Harrington

Emotions into Practice

Affected Doctors: Dead Bodies and Affective and Professional Cultures in Early Modern European Anatomy
Rafael Mandressi

Pain as Practice in Paolo Mantegazza’s Science of Emotions
Dolores Martín Moruno

Tempering Madness: Emil Kraepelin’s Research on Affective Disorders
Eric J. Engstrom

How Films Entered the Classroom: The Sciences and the Emotional Education of Youth through Health Education Films in the United States and Germany, 1910–30
Anja Laukötter

New Emotions–New Knowledge–New Subjectivities

The Intimate Geographies of Panic Disorder: Parsing Anxiety through Psychopharmacological Dissection
Felicity Callard

Cold War “Super-Pleasure”: Insatiability, Self-Stimulation, and the Postwar Brain
Otniel E. Dror

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