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La science des rêves au croisement des XIxe et XXe siècles

Scientific Studies of Dreams in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Call for chapter contributors

Edited by Giorgia morgese, Giovanni Pietro Lombardo, & Hendrika Vande Kemp
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

The volume is based on the historical analysis of scientific studies of dreams carried out in the Italian and international context in the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. The project aims to fill a gap in the scientific literature on this theme since there is no a systematic work in this field so far. Some historiographical reconstructions by Pigman (2002) and Lombardo & Foschi (2008) showed that in the second half of the nineteenth century, the study of the phenomenon of the dream was undertaken with "scientific" method, by physicians, physiologists and psychiatrists with their studies before the birth of the "myth" advanced by Freud who claimed a birthright of psychoanalysis in the psychological study of dreams. Our proposal is to create a volume with the objective of highlighting the elements of continuity and / or discontinuity in the long and varied process of scientific knowledge of the dream. Each chapter is written by an expert author of studies of the dream that has already given a significant contribution in international journals in the field investigated. The final chapter will present empirical research using the historiometric method to bring out the specific categorization and periodization of dream research from the late nineteenth century through the first half of the twentieth century.

Chapters already included:

1. Introduction to the volume

2. What historiography of dreams ? Dreaming scientists and the sciences of dreams (Jacqueline Carroy)

3. Dream Journals, Questionnaires, Interviews, and Observations: Precursors to the Twentieth-Century Content Analysis of Dreams (Hendrika Vande Kemp)

4. Dream research in 19th century Germany (Michael Schredl)

5. Sante De Sanctis integrated approach in sleep and dream research (Chiara Bartolucci, Giovanni Pietro Lombardo, and Giorgia Morgese)

6. Henri Piéron and the invention of sleep as an experimental object in the early twentieth century (Kenton Kroker)

7. History of dream research: categorizations and empirical findings (Giorgia Morgese, Giovanni Pietro Lombardo)

We are looking for chapter authors for the following topics. We can share some preliminary references if they’re needed.

1. Early studies of dreams and PTSD, or war dreams---dreams, nightmares, war neurosis. A preliminary look at this literature suggests an early awareness of PTSD in civilians as well as combat veterans.

2. Research and clinical studies related to the effects of drugs on dreaming. Early popular literature on the opium dreams of de Quincey and others gradually led research studies and clinical reports of various drugs and anesthesia on dreams and dreaming.

3. Diagnostic dreams. A long tradition of writing about dreams that provide clues to physical illness in the dreamer.

4. Dreams and dissociation. At the center of this chapter would be the early work of Morton Prince, G. A. Waterman, Boris Sidis with multiple personality and their work with dream interpretation in various hypnotic states.

Authors should let editors know of their interest as soon as possible. Contact Giorgia Morgese at or Hendrika Vande Kemp at

Chapters can range from 7:000-10,000 words. Each should include an abstract of up to 125 words, and key words. Authors should follow the scientific format of the Chicago Manual of Style and American spellings.

Prospective authors will provide editors with a prospectus (half a page and bibliography) by October 1, 2016. Final chapters are due March 31, 2017.

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