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Dernier numéro d'History of Psychiatry

History of Psychiatry

Volume 27 Issue 3 September 2016


Theory of mind and Verstehen (understanding) methodology 
Tsutomu Kumazaki

Insanity, belonging and citizenship: mentally ill people who went to and/or returned from Europe in the Late Ottoman Era 
Fatih Artvinli

Memory as persona non grata in the work of Eugène Minkowski: a historical approach 
João M Vaz

Prohibited or regulated? LSD psychotherapy and the United States Food and Drug Administration 
Matthew Oram

Graphology in German psychiatry (1870–1930) 
Armin Schäfer

The problem of sexual imbalance and techniques of the self in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Jacinthe Flore

Max Scheler’s influence on Kurt Schneider 
John Cutting ... Gareth Owen

Taphophobia and ‘life preserving coffins’ in the nineteenth century 
Marco Cascella

Classic Text No. 107 
Joseph Maxwell on mediumistic personifications 

Carlos S Alvarado

Book Reviews 

Book Review: David W Jones, Disordered Personalities and Crime: An Analysis of the History of Moral Insanity
John Callender

Book Review: Michel Guy Thompson (ed.), The Legacy of R.D. Laing: An Appraisal of his Contemporary Relevance
Oisín Wall

Book Review: Gabriel N Mendes, Under the Strain of Color: Harlem’s Lafargue Clinic and the Promise of an Antiracist Psychiatry
Dennis Doyle

Book Review: Annie Bartlett, Secure Lives: The Meaning & Importance of Culture in Secure Hospital Care
Erin J Lux

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