jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Histoire de la médecine chinoise

History of Chinese Medicine 

East Asian Science Technology and Medicine #41

Introduction by the Guest Editor Bridie Andrews

The Catchy Epidemic: Theorization and its Limits in Han to Song Period Medicine
by TJ Hinrichs

The Qing Imperial Academy of Medicine: Its Institutions and the Physicians Shaped by Them by Che-chia Chang

Review Article

Gan Fuxi, Robert Brill, and Tian Shouyun (eds.), Ancient Glass Research Along the Silk Road
and Bettina Zorn and Alexandra Hilgner (eds.), Glass along the Silk Road from 200 BC to AD 1000 reviewed by James W. Lankton


Cynthia Brokaw and Christopher A. Reed (eds.), From Woodblocks to the Internet: Chinese Publishing and Print Culture in Transition, circa 1800 to 2008 reviewed by Lucille Chia

Dagmar Schäfer (ed.), Cultures of Knowledge: Technology in Chinese History reviewed by Peter J. Golas

Yanzhong Huang, Governing Health in Contemporary China reviewed by Lisa Handwerker

Pascal Crozet and Annick Horiuchi (eds.), Traduire, transposer, naturaliser: La formation d’une langue scientifique moderne hors des frontières de l’Europe au XIXe siècle reviewed by Viatcheslav Vetrov

Carol Benedict, Golden-Silk Smoke: A History of Tobacco in China, 1550-2010 reviewed by Thomas O. Höllmann

Vladimir Tikhonov, Social Darwinism and Nationalism in Korea: The Beginnings (1880s-1910s)—“Survival” as an Ideology of Korean Modernity reviewed by Mike Hawkins

Denise M. Glover, Stevan Harrell, Charles F. McKhann and Margaret Byrne Swain (eds.), Explorers and Scientists in China’s Borderlands 1880–1950 reviewed by Jan Magnus Romgard

John P. Dimoia, Reconstructing Bodies: Biomedicine, Health, and Nation Building in South Korea since 1945 reviewed by Gregg Brazinsky

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