jeudi 15 septembre 2016

Histoire de la grossesse

Women's History 

Summer 2016 - Pregnancy Special Issue

Katarzyna Bronk on From one father to another: William Cobbett’s advice on motherhood and maternity, 5

Sara Read on ‘Thanksgiving after Twice Miscarrying’: Divine Will, Women, and Miscarriage in Early Modern England, 11

Hannah Charnock on ‘This Haunting Sadness’: Press coverage of John Corrie’s Abortion (Amendment) Bill, 1979-1980, 16

Chelsea Phillips on Mrs. Pickle’s mistake: the origins of an eighteenth-century satirical print, 23

Emma O’Toole on Dressing the expectant mother: Maternity fashion in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Ireland, 26

Book Reviews
Jessica L. Malay, The Case of Mrs Mary Hampson: Her Story of Marriage, Abuse and Defiance in Seventeenth-Century England, Stanford: Stanford University Press: 2014, 33
Sean Ward (ed. and trans.), Memoirs (1630–1680): Sophia of Hanover, Toronto, Centre For Reformation and Renaissance Studies and ITER: 2013, 33
Yvonne McEwen, In the Company of Nurses. The History of the British Army Nursing Services in the Great War, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014, 34
Vivien Newman, We Also Served. The Forgotten Women of the First World War, Barnsley, Yorkshire: Pen & Sword History, 2014, 34
V. Brownlee, & L. Gallagher, (eds), Biblical Women in Early Modern Literary Culture, 1550-1700, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015, 36
P. G. Maxwell-Stuart, The British Witch: The Biography, Stroud: Amberley Publishing, 2014, 36
Hester Vaizey, Born in the GDR Living in the Shadow of the Wall, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2014, 37
Christine Muscat, Magdalene Nuns and Penitent Prostitutes, Malta Book Distributors Limited, 2013, 38
Deborah Heller (ed.) Bluestockings Now! The Evolution of a Social Role, Farnham, Surrey and Burlington VT: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2015, 39

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