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Religion et médecine

Religion and Medicine. Healing the Body and Soul from the Middle Ages to the Modern Day


Birkbeck, University of London
15-16 July 2016

July, 15th
9.00 Registration
9.45 Welcome
9.00 Registration

10.00 Madness 
Claire Trenery (Royal Holloway, University of London) Diagnosing a Demoniac: Representations of Demonic Illness in the Miracles of Saint Bartholomew of London

Rebecca Noble (University of Warwick) Madness and Selfhood: Creating ‘Docile Vassals’ in
Bourbon Mexico

10.00 Epidemics
Lara Thorpe (Royal Holloway, University of London) John Allin’s Plague: Reactions to Epidemic 
Disease in London in 1665

Ciaran McCabe (NUI Galway) Practising Religion in Ireland during the 1817-1819 Typhus Fever 

11:20 Break

11:40 Missionary Medicine
Iris Busschers (University of Groningen) Dutch Calvinist Medical Mission on Papua: Medical
Missionary Doctor Jacob Bierdrager, 1932-1935

Kathleen Vongsathorn (University of Warwick) ‘Education is the only hope’: Ugandan Midwives as
Missionaries of Health, Civilization & Christianity, 1897-1979

11:40 Medical Evidence
Jordan Katz (Columbia University) As the Learned Woman Said: Jewish Wise Women & Midwives in Early  Modern Rabbinic Culture

Alessandro Laverda (University of Leicester) The Inquiry of Resurrection in Peter Fourier’s Canonization Trial (1717-1726)

 1:00 Lunch

2:00 Texts and  Ideas
Patrick Outhwaite (King’s College London) Physiological Sleep Imagery and Heretical Eschatology:
Wycliffism and the Health of the Soul

Taylor C. Sherman (London School of Economics) Mysticism and Medicine in 19th century Urdu texts in India

2.00 Medieval & Early Modern Miracles
Valentina Zivkovic (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts) The Medical Practices and the Cult of Saints in Kotor (14th-16th centuries)

Sandra Cardarelli (University of Aberdeen)
The Healing Power of Saints: Cult Images and Responses to Health Threats in Tuscany, c. 1460-c.1660

 3.20 Break

3.40 Institutions
Sophie Mann (University of Warwick) ‘Not a Single Kindness, but a Double One’: Medical
Charity and Confessional Identity in Reformation  England

Sarah Lennard-Brown (Birkbeck, University of London) ‘Dedes of mercy and pite...’: the healing environment of almshouses in late medieval England

3.40 Modern  Miracles
Emilie Garrigou-Kempton (University of Southern California) Towards a New Epistemology of Healing

Jennifer Webster (University of Washington) Conflicts of Healing: Medical Resorts, Pilgrimage, and Shrines in the Ferghana Valley

5.00 Break

5.15 Keynote : Prof Samuel Cohn, University of Glasgow

July, 16th
9.00 Registration

9.30 Disability
Donna Trembinski (St Francis Xavier University) Illness and Authority: Ability and Disability in the Life  of St. Francis of Assisi

Jenni Kuuliala (University of Tampere) Physical Disability and the Miraculous in Late
Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Changing  Proportions and Altered Views?

9.30 Caring for  Body and Soul
Brendan Roeder (Ludwig -Maximilians-University Munich) Medical Knowledge and the Catholic Clerical Community

Jessica Martucci (University of Pennsylvania) ‘We must take more care of the soul, than of the body’: Catholic Physicians’ Guilds, medical ethics and the problem of morality in women’s healthcare in early 20th-century America

10.50 Break

11.10 Clergy
Katherine Harvey (Birkbeck, Unversity of London) Health, Medicine and the Medieval Bishop

Irina Metzler (University of Swansea) Disabled Clerics: When Healers of Souls Require Healing of Bodies

11.10 Missionary Medicine
Päivi Räisänen-Schroder (University of Helsinki) Narratives of Healing in Jesuit Missionary Journals of the 17th and 18th centuries

Rhonda Semple (St Francis Xavier University) Spiritual Imperative, Clinical Intervention and Community Wellbeing:  Working Local Work with Local Impact in Early 20th Century Leprosy  Work

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Death
Joanne Edge  (University of Cambridge) Prognosis, Medical Ethics and the Deathbed in Late Medieval England 

Emily Vine (Queen Mary, University of London) Pain and the ‘good death’ in late seventeenth-century English funeral sermons

1.30 Female  Religious
Sarah Jane Moran (University of Antwerp) Better Call the Beguines! Miraculous Healing in Het wonder-baer Leven van Joanna Dedemaecker of 1662

Carmen Mangion (Birkbeck, University of London) ‘Arousing the imagination and exposing modesty to danger’: Catholic sister-nurses and proscribed nursing practices

2.50 Break

3.10 Material  culture
Sarah Bond, Selina Hurley, Jack Mitchell & Oisin Wall  (Science Museum) Unstable Meanings: Curating the Material Culture of  Medicine and Religion
  • Faith, Hope & Fear: Religion, Magic &Medicine
  • Secular Relics
  • A Touchy Subject: Touchpieces & the Power of Touch
  • Tourist Tat: the accidental elevation of pseudo-religious objects
4.30 Conference closes

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