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Dernier numéro d'History of Psychiatry

History of Psychiatry

June 2016; 27 (2)


Diego Enrique Londoño and Professor Tom Dening

The emergence of psychiatric semiology during the Age of Revolution: evolving concepts of ‘normal’ and ‘pathological’ 

Eric J Engstrom, Wolfgang Burgmair, and Matthias M Weber

Psychiatric governance, völkisch corporatism, and the German Research Institute of Psychiatry in Munich (1912–26). Part 2 

Allan Beveridge

‘We are all a little mad in one or other particular’. The presentation of madness in the novels of Muriel Spark 

Jens Knud Larsen

Neurotoxicity and LSD treatment: a follow-up study of 151 patients in Denmark

Ofer Katchergin

The DSM and learning difficulties: formulating a genealogy of the learning-disabled subject

Leonard Smith

‘God grant it may do good two all’: the madhouse practice of Joseph Mason, 1738–79

J Cutting

Max Scheler’s theory of the hierarchy of values and emotions and its relevance to current psychopathology

Classic Text No. 106

Augusto Castagnini

‘Paranoia and its historical development (systematized delusion)’, by Eugenio Tanzi (1884) 

Book reviews

Louise Hide

Book review: Tommy Dickinson, ‘Curing Queers’: Mental Nurses and their Patients, 1935–74

Tomas Vaiseta

Book review: Mat Savelli and Sarah Marks (eds), Psychiatry in Communist Europe

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