vendredi 1 avril 2016

L'obésité au Canada

Obesity in Canada: Critical Perspectives

Edited by Jenny Ellison, Deborah McPhail, and Wendy Mitchinson

University of Toronto Press, 

448 Pages 6 Images
ISBN 9781442628540
Available Apr 2016

Medical professionals, social policy makers, and the media have all declared that Canada is in the grip of an obesity epidemic. Conceptualizing obesity as a biological condition, these experts insist that it needs to be “prevented” and “managed.”

Obesity in Canada takes a broader, critical perspective of our supposed epidemic. Examining obesity in its cultural and historical context, the book’s contributors ask how we measure health and wellness, where our attitudes to obesity develop from, and what the consequences are of naming and targeting as “obese” those who body weights do not match our expectations. A broad survey of the issues surrounding the obesity panic in Canada, it is the first collection of fat studies and critical obesity studies from a distinctly Canadian perspective.

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