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La migration transnationale des médecins au 20e siècle

Doctors Beyond Borders: The Transnational Migration of Physicians in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Laurence Monnais and David Wright

University of Toronto Press
ISBN 9781442629615
Published Apr 2016
272 Pages 

The transnational migration of health care practitioners has become a critical issue in global health policy and ethics. Doctors beyond Borders provides an essential historical perspective on this international issue, showing how foreign-trained doctors have challenged – and transformed – health policy and medical practice in countries around the world.

Drawing on a wide variety of sources, from immigration records and medical directories to oral histories, the contributors study topics ranging from the influence of South Asian doctors on geriatric medicine in the United Kingdom to the Swedish reaction to the arrival of Jewish physicians fleeing Nazi Germany and the impact of the Vietnam War on the migration of doctors to Canada. Combining social history, the history of health and medicine, and immigration history, Doctors beyond Borders is an impressive selection of essays on a topic that continues to have global relevance.

Introduction: Doctors Beyond Borders: Entanglements and Intersections in the Modern History of Medical Migration (Laurence Monnais and David Wright)

Imperial Connections and Caribbean Medicine, 1900-1938 (Juanita De Barros)

Pathways of Perseverance: Medical Refugee Flights to Australia and New Zealand, 1933–1945 (John Weaver)

Public Health and Persecution: Debates on the Possible Migration of Jewish Physicians to Sweden from Nazi Germany (Annika Berg)

“A Mysterious Discrimination”: Irish Medical Emigration to the United States in the 1950s (Greta Jones)

A System of Exclusion: New Zealand Women Medical Specialists in International Medical Networks, 1945–75 (John Armstrong)

From Zebra to Motorbike. Transnational Trajectories of South Asian Doctors in East Africa, c. 1870–1970 (Margret Frenz)

Draft Doctors: The Impact of the Vietnam War on the Migration of Foreign Doctors to Canada (David Wright, Alex Ketchum and Gregory Marks)

“Without racism there would be no geriatrics”: South Asian Overseas-trained Doctors and the Development of Geriatric Medicine in the UK – 1950–2000 (Parvati Raghuram, Joanna Bornat and Leroi Henry)

Providing ‘Special’ Types of Labour and Exerting Agency: How Migrant Doctors Have Shaped the UK’s National Health Service (Julian M Simpson, Stephanie J. Snow and Aneez Esmail)

Connecting to Canada: Experiences of the South Asian Medical Diaspora during the 1960s and 1970s (Sasha Mullally and David Wright)

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