vendredi 8 avril 2016

Dernier numéro du JHMAS

Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Volume 71 Issue 2 April 2016


Michael Hau
Constitutional Therapy and Clinical Racial Hygiene in Weimar and Nazi Germany

Peter Pesic
Music, Mechanism, and the “Sonic Turn” in Physical Diagnosis 

Lawrence Goodheart
“The Glamour of Arabic Numbers”: Pliny Earle's Challenge to Nineteenth-Century Psychiatry

Arjo Roersch Van Der Hoogte and Toine Pieters
Quinine, Malaria, and the Cinchona Bureau: Marketing Practices and Knowledge Circulation in a Dutch Transoceanic Cinchona–Quinine Enterprise (1920s–30s)

Book Reviews

David Korostyshevsky
Rum Maniacs: Alcoholic Insanity in the Early American Republic

Neeraja Sankaran
Beastly Encounters of the Raj: Livelihoods, Livestock and Veterinary Health in North India, 1790–1920

Nick Hopwood
Embryos under the Microscope: The Diverging Meanings of Life

Margaret Jones
Discovering Tuberculosis. A Global History, 1900 to the Present

James Colgrove
Health in the City: Race, Poverty, and the Negotiation of Women's Health in New York City, 1915–1930

Scott H. Podolsky
The Lock and Key of Medicine: Monoclonal Antibodies and the Transformation of Healthcare

Cara Kiernan Fallon
Chronic Disease in the Twentieth Century: A History
Aging Bones: A Short History of Osteoporosis

David Herzberg
The Story of Pain
Pain: A Political History

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