mardi 12 avril 2016

Dernier numero de Medical History

Medical History

Volume 60 - Issue 02 - avril 2016


Evidence for the Continued Use of Medieval Medical Prescriptions in the Sixteenth Century: A Fifteenth-Century Remedy Book and its Later Owner
Margaret Connolly

Re-Inventing Infectious Disease: Antibiotic Resistance and Drug Development at the Bayer Company 1945–80
Christoph Gradmann

Hybridising Medicine: Illness, Healing and the Dynamics of Reciprocal Exchange on the Upper Guinea Coast (West Africa)
Philip J. Havik

Books also Received

Books also Received

Media ReviewDigitisation, Big Data, and the Future of the Medical Humanities

Text-Mining and the History of Medicine: Big Data, Big Questions?
Elizabeth Toon, Carsten Timmermann and Michael Worboys

Jeffrey S. Reznick

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